Lets Taco Good Eats

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Some Good Eats

Let’s face it, Monmouth is definitely one of those universities known for their location. Pier Village and being by the beach both mean one thing: great food places.

A go-to lunch spot is essential for everyone’s college career. While iced coffees from Dunkin’ satisfy almost everyone on campus, there are so many other places to try.

However, if you do want to stick with Dunkin’, try their newest fall specialties. A common favorite is the iced apple cider. Affordable, convenient and refreshing. Pumpkin muffins and apple crisp donuts are some extra yummy treats that are featured this season. These are perfect for a snack or even a quick breakfast before an early morning class.

No one should live off of Ramen noodles and microwaveable mac and cheese.

Go through the underpass and head to the Student Center to get a fresh rice bowl or salad for under $10. With a variety of toppings, it’s impossible to get sick of these. These can be made vegan or vegetarian which is a unique option.

Looking for a smoothie? Look no further. Another on-campus option is the cafe in the Plangere Center. This is perfect for freshly made smoothies, baked goods and wraps. This is very convenient and a great place to get a snack.

Tinamarie Lopes, a freshman biology student states, “I love the smoothies from Plangere. They taste fresh and come in many varieties.”

Lopes added, “It’s easy to grab something there before class because the lines are never long.” The convenience store under Hesse Hall is another great spot to grab a snack. From using declining dollars to cash or card, the location makes it easy for residents that live in the dorms.

Being located near the library is great for grabbing a snack before studying.

After all, we are only a mile away from the beach and Pier Village. There are many off campus eating options that are within a few minutes away.

A fan favorite is Surf Taco. Being only three minutes from campus, between five and seven dollars for a fresh taco that comes with chips, how can you go wrong?

These tacos are light, refreshing and are perfect for a boardwalk snack. Jenna Mercagliano, a freshman psychology student mentioned, “My favorite spot around campus is definitely Surf Taco. As a commuter, it is so accessible and it has a different atmosphere.”

Mercagliano continued “Everything is so yummy, and it is so close to school.” Surf Taco features an extensive menu of tacos, wraps and quesadillas.

If you have not tried it, definitely take a visit. Shall we continue?

Going along with veganism and healthy eating, Mary Harris, M.A., A.P.R., in the communication department loves The Herd Juicery because of their, “very fresh, all organic, vegan and gluten free” food. Located on Brighton Ave, this spot is perfect for when you’re in a rush, but still want quality food.

Convenience seems to be a big issue in today’s society because we are always on the run. From activities to school to internships, the fast food industry is growing because they take advantage of this. But, this local spot is perfect for a healthy but quick snack.

David Marshall, Ph.D. of the mathematics department stated, “I love Brennan’s Delicatessen on Monmouth Road. Great sandwiches and soups.” From breakfast to lunch sandwiches, this place has it all.

But with prices still at a reasonable rate, it checks all the boxes.

They have many choices of omelets, breads, meats, cheeses and soups. This is a great lunch spot if you want to eat out without the beach traffic that comes with Pier Village.

Calling all night owls. Inkwell Coffeehouse, located around the corner from Cedar Ave, is a classic spot for many things other than coffee.

Iconic mac and cheese bites are one of the many bites that this lively spot has to offer. Opening at 7 p.m., this spot is ideal for a cheap dinner or some milkshakes. The prices cannot be beat. They even have comfort classics, such as grilled cheese, mozzarella sticks and wraps.

All in all, there are many cost-effective but tasty spots to eat both on and off campus. Monmouth’s location definitely plays a primary role in the yummy spots that are not even five minutes away.

Hopefully, this has inspired a trip out of the dining hall to adventure some new, local eats.

PHOTO TAKEN by Cassandra Capozzi-Smith