Professor Spotlight Raffi Manjikian

Professor Spotlight on Raffi Manjikian

Raffi Manjikian, an adjunct professor of chemistry and physics, is one of Monmouth’s most adored professors by students. Many, whether they are majoring in the sciences or not, struggle to completely enjoy or even just understand the material in their science classes. But after taking Manjikian, almost all students change that outlook into a positive one.

Manjikian has been well-known by students as funny, captivating, and fully enveloped in helping students in any way that he can. He alters the misconception that part-time professors are not as good as full-time professors.

Attending Seton Hall University, Manjikian was never one to picture his future as a college professor. He said, “[I did not know I wanted to be a professor] until I turned 25 years old, the age at which I taught my first college class.”

From this opportunity, Manjikian found such joy from educating others that he decided to pursue higher education teaching. “I found immense fulfillment in helping and guiding students,” he said.

Before teaching at  Monmouth University, Manjikian taught at another university, but realized that he wanted to expand his knowledge. “I needed a greater challenge and an additional opportunity to improve my teaching skills and methods,” he said.

After this realization, Manjikian has had the opportunity to teach at many schools with students of various backgrounds and with different ranges of specialties. This has allowed him to absorb new ways of teaching and helping his students through hands-on experience.

In terms of working at Monmouth, Manjikian has clearly expressed to his students that Monmouth University is his favorite place to teach. Manijikan credits “the remarkable students” and “the notable leadership present,” Manjikian has fallen in love with working here.

Even though he is only part-time as of right now, he is willing to wait for his full-time position to be able to completely embrace the amazing possibilities that the School of Science has to offer. 

Manjikian currently teaches Chemistry and the Science of Food and Cooking. While Chemistry is offered at almost every college, the Science of Food and Cooking is not.

Working with William Schreiber, Ph.D., the Chair of the School of Science, Manjikian was able to take this class and transform it into an amazing option for students who are not science majors. Student can easily learn how science is found in everyday life – through food.

Students outside of the science department know of Manjikian’s efforts in the classroom. Shannon McGorty, a sophomore English student, commented, “I heard of Professor Manjikian when I was a health studies major and was looking forward to having him in the future, but I did not get the chance because I changed majors.”

Siobhan McLoughin, a senior psychology major, mentioned, “I have friends who had him and loved him, which made me upset that I couldn’t take him.”

Outside of the classroom, Manjikian loves playing both football and basketball, as well as watching them. His love for sports is obvious by how he tends to his student athletes. He is extremely flexible and open to working with them through their busy away schedules.

Manjikian also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, family, and friends.  His family has given him advice that led him to this job. “Once you set your mind to it, anything is possible with hard work,” he shared.

He continued, “They shaped me into someone who is respectful, caring, and transparent.” These aspects of Manjikian are very evident in his classes through how he treats his students.

Beyond his teaching he also does research on topics he finds of interest. This is another way that the he has been able to keep his love for science alive.

Manjikian has been able to transform students who had a negative outlook on science into science lovers. On top of this, he is able to show those who are science majors that science is not all hardcore memorization and equations, but it has its fun moments, too.

Manjikian has been one of the professors that influences students to want to learn and go to class every day. Without him, many would not have been able to be as successful as they are today.

Thank you for all that you do and all of your students, and we cannot wait for you to watch them grow through science and through life.

PHOTO TAKEN by Emily Condron