Managing Interests

Managing Your Many Interests

How to Avoid Overexerting Yourself in School Activities

Managing InterestsCampus involvement is a huge aspect of college life, but it is important for students to keep in mind the downsides of over-involvement. Stretching oneself too thin can eventually take a toll on academics and a social life. Trying to be at every class, every meeting, and every on- campus activity can be a difficult balance.

“Scope out your interests,” said Brian Morelli, senior student. “This limits you to one area of campus so you are not running from place to place.”

The Student Handbook has a list of all of the clubs and groups available on campus, as well as the names of the people to contact for more information. Read the description, make a list, and attend a few meetings, but don’t make any commitments right away.

“Students should only join clubs that are related to what they are interested in or like to do,” said Kristin Kleinberg, first-year student. “However, students should also have their classes in mind, and make sure that they will have time to study and attend classes before joining a bunch of clubs.”

Because so many club meetings take place on Wednesdays, students will be compelled to pick and choose which meetings they want to attend, forcing them to forgo others.

“One to two activities is a comfortable amount,” said Morelli.

Britney Dupuis, Sales Director of WMCX, said that you should never spread yourself too thin.

For those who choose to join every club that interests them, the best way to stay on top of meetings and club activities is to keep an organized schedule and manage time wisely. According to, time management is the key.

Charts and outlined weekly schedules can help those who find themselves struggling to find the time for everything.

The Involvement Fair, which was held on September 21, gave students a chance to explore the different clubs the University has to offer, as well as to ask questions to the different club representatives in order to decide whether or not those clubs are worth joining.

With so many tables to visit, many of which offered freebies, students were bombarded with too many options, causing them to sign up with almost every club.

“I looked at all of the clubs that I was interested in before going to the involvement fair,” Kleinberg said. “I made sure to visit all of those tables and talk to the representatives to find out more.”

The benefits of joining many clubs outweigh the negative aspects, but it is important to be able to stay on top of everything going on with the various clubs.

Time management is vital to a successful college career, said If a student chooses to become very involved, organization is the key.

Morelli said, “Have fun and know when to stop. When it becomes too burdensome, it’s too much.”