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Seniors: How Can We Really Enjoy Our Last Semester

No sooner did the clock strike midnight on the night before class did I see texts and tweets from seniors that read, ‘This is my last first day of school.’ This is a moment in time when we seniors stop and think, where did time go? Not only is it a time to reflect on our last three and a half years at a university, but also a time to gear up for whatever the future holds. But we can’t be certain about what the future holds. We have today and only today. So seniors take a minute and ask, “What have I done today?”


“When I Grow Up I Want To Be…” The Key to Getting Your Very Own ‘Dream’ Job

Dream (noun.): A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. We used to question our parents about them after a night of sleep, what did that dream mean? Now as educated, inspired, young adults, our dreams are concrete. As we count the days towards graduation, a distinct dream at the forefront of our minds is getting a job or, if we’re really motivated, getting our dream job.