Crushing With Confidence: A Romantic Approach

How many times have you found yourself somewhere on campus locking eyes with that cute guy or girl across the room? It’s not something we plan for, it just happens. All of these thoughts begin to run through your mind: What’s his/her name? Does he/she think I am attractive? What is his/her major? Is he/she going to come over and talk to me?

Suddenly this person appears everywhere on campus and curiosity strikes. Seeing that person is just not enough anymore and you realize you are now crushing on a complete stranger.

So now you think, how can I get to know that person? People make decisions every day based on what they want. If someone catches your eye and has been running through your mind, you have a decision to make. To step out of your comfort zone and contact that person or to let it go and tell yourself if it is meant to be, it will be.

I know that when I decide to make myself uncomfortable by taking a risk, I first contemplate the best way to make a connection with a person. So many people say, I’d rather have a face-to-face interaction with the guy or girl I like. But can we follow through with that?

We live in a world of technology and we can’t always bring ourselves face to face with something we desire, even when we want to. Or maybe the timing just is not right. Or maybe no one has time in college.

As college students we are more inclined to search for an easy way out, especially when we are stressed out with a million other things, and that cute guy you saw in the student center cannot be one of them.  Therefore, the approach is the defining matter in a situation like this. Or is there even going to be an approach?

“Depending on time constraints, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith if it’s something that you think could be awesome.” said Ryan Kelly, senior political science major.

“Four years in college isn’t a whole lot, so if you’re crushing on someone, telling them is literally the only way to know what could be made of it.”

With various social media apps, there are infinite ways to seek out information on the cutie you are crushing on. Simply open up your Facebook or Twitter page and type in his or her name. Boom, instant background information. Or if you somehow have your crush’s phone number, you have the option of adding him or her on Snapchat.

Even dating apps come into play. Does my crush have good ratings on Lulu, a private dating experience app? Will we match on Tinder, the matchmaking app? Whether you are connecting on social media apps or simply sending a text message, it doesn’t take much to get in contact with your person of interest. But believe it or not, most college students prefer the traditional method.

“In my opinion social media is a lame way to approach someone you have a crush on. Although it’s probably easier to break the ice that way, to me, it is impersonal,” said Carly Cimino, a junior communication major. “I personally like to start talking to a crush in a more natural way.”

Maxwell Kenney, a senior communication major, likes the face-to-face approach. “I’m not the kind of guy to use pickup lines at bars or clubs. I would rather talk to them in a normal setting like a classroom, gym, or around campus if we cross paths. The more you do that then the easier it will be to approach them when you do end up seeing them out at clubs or places like that.”

So whichever way you decide to connect with your crush, do it with confidence. It’s not how we approach that person we’re crushing on, it’s if we approach that person. Most of us have probably felt this way about someone at one point or another so why not take a chance and see what could happen? And if it’s not meant to be, there will probably be another cute guy or girl on campus tomorrow who may just be your lucky charm.

PHOTO COURTESY of howcast.com