Student Spotlight Will Jones 1

Student Spotlight: Will Jones

Junior computer science advanced computing, software engineer student with a double minor in mathematics and informational technology, William Jones is enrolled at Monmouth University but has some interesting life experiences that set him apart from his peers. Not only has Jones served in the United States’ military, he also is married with a son and a daughter and about ten years older than the average college undergraduate.

World Through Lens

The World Through a Lens

Through our own lens we see the continuously changing world; we see the green leaves on trees, the blue ink of a pen, the curved shape of a cloud, and the light through a clear window, but some see the way colors and shapes fill a still frame and want that moment to be captured as it is in that moment.

Life Monmouth Veteran

Life at Monmouth as a Veteran

Monmouth University has over 110 military affiliates, including 84 that fall under veteran status. People often think of the old man in a faded Army green camouflage jacket or WWII Navy base-ball hat when someone says ‘veteran’. However, many veterans on campus are under the age of 27 and are attending classes just as any other student would be.