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Cozy Living: It’s Not That Hard

When living with your family or even living away from home in a dorm room, it is so important to feel comfortable in your space.

Making your room cozy, especially for the fall or winter seasons is so essential because it brings a welcoming vibe to the room.

From pictures to color schemes to decorative pillows, it’s not that hard.

One thing that may sound simple, but can cozy up any space would be to add a plant.

Adding a plant allows there to be life in the room.

Plants not only add color but it is healthy to have them in your environment.

If you can maintain keeping it alive, definitely go out and buy a real plant, but if you think you’ll slack on giving it the necessities for life, there are many places to buy fake plants.

As a college student, it is important to be in a workspace that gives you the proper amount of light.

Whether you add a few lamps or make sure you have the proper natural light, it can allow you to be in a space that promotes productivity.

Something that people do to make a room cozy is adding extra pillows or blankets. The fuzzy blankets that call your name will be bound to make you feel cozy.

This is such a simple aspect that can make any room feel softer and more welcoming.

Not only do blankets add a comfort factor but they add a pop of color as well.

Going off of that, extra pillows emphasize a want for comfort.

Decorative pillows promote creativity and are great staple pieces for living.

Alyssa Kelly, a junior English student said that “Candles add a calming vibe to any room.” She continued in saying that, “A candle is such a simple and versatile object that could make any room cozy.”

Similarly, Stefanie Ziemer, a junior marketing, management, and decision sciences student agreed on the topic.

Ziemer said, “To me, a candle and a warm blanket can make any room feel cozy.”

Being in the fall spirit, Ziemer said that she prefers “an apple candle” to make her feel at home with a nice scent to relax her.

There is something comforting to people about art. One option could be to get a large painting and to hang it in your space.

If you have a creative mind and want to express yourself to your guests, get crafty with it and make a welcoming sign or piece of art for the room.

Another great tip is to add some books to your space.

 Books are a form of art that not only promote reading but it also can allow someone to express themselves. 

Bookshelves take up space in a room and it can allow any owner of literature to flaunt their collection.   

Even for those sports fans, adding a poster of your favorite player or team can bring a sense of happiness to the room. People that do not like candles, fuzzy blankets, pillows, or art, can just keep the space neat which can allow you to feel at ease and comfortable.

Something as simple as an area rug is a great gender-neutral fix to make a big room feel cozier.

Corinne Cavallo, adjunct professor of English who loves interior design gave her input on the topic.

Cavallo said, “I have a shag area rug in my house and it makes my living room inviting and comforting.”

She even joked that her guests want to lay on it because of how inviting and cozy it looks.

Cavallo mentioned how important paint color is.

 “Color schemes set the mood for sure. Cooler tones create a calming environment which could be important,” Cavallo stated.

This is so true, the color of a wall can change the whole vibe of the room.

Well students, while we may not be interior design majors, it seems like we all know a little something more on how to make ourselves feel more at home.