Dress For Success

Dress for Success

Waking up for an 8:30 after a long night of studying and homework is hard enough; on top of that putting a nice outfit together can be even harder.

As college students, it is the last thing we want to do but in the long run, this can be helpful in many ways.

Putting together a nice outfit for class, instead of throwing on leggings and a t-shirt, will benefit you.

You never know what opportunities will come up; you never know who you are going to meet or bump into.

In the college atmosphere, there are so many connections that can be made. A first impression can be unforgettable, so important to make a good one.

By always dressing in a professional manner you are prepared for any type of situation.

There are so many opportunities that can come up in your average day of school that you would never have thought of.

Wearing a nice outfit in your day-to-day life can help you stand out from the crowd. Standing out from the crowd gives you a step ahead when it comes to an opportunity that could have an impact on your future.

Walking into class each day for 13 weeks will enable you to gain confidence each time.

On the way to class, the possibilities of who you are going to bump into or give a quick wave to are endless.

Professors have an unlimited amount of resources that could help you find a future internship or long-term profession.

If a professor knows about a job opening, they will likely recommend the student in nice jeans and a sweater rather than someone wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt to the employer is much greater.

You want to be the one who is picked from a crowd based on first impressions.

You know what they say about how a first impression is everything, well before you can even say something, people judge based on appearance.

Yazmin Belhadj, a junior political science student, stated, “Dressing professionally makes you look sophisticated. It gives employers and business professionals a good first impression and your appearance is the first thing that someone notices about you so it is important to start on the right foot.”

Dressing in a professional manner is something that you have full control over and if it puts you a step ahead then it is crucial.

The term “dress for success” is so accurate. It is important to keep this in mind when you want to throw on a sweatshirt early in the morning, if you want to be successful then the first step is looking like it.

Melissa Desena, a junior finance student, said “I think that if you dress professionally people will take you more seriously. They will focus more on what you can provide to the company rather than what you are wearing because you look capable and professional.”

First impressions are everything and if you are dressed for the position before you even have it, then employers will put you ahead of those not dressed for it.

Opportunities are all around us and it is crucial that we are always prepared for when one might approach us.

Professor of English Jeffrey Jackson, Ph.D., gave his input on the topic. He said, “I have often found, and long believed that dressing professionally can affect your attitude and mentality; simply put, when you are dressed professionally, you are also thinking and behaving professionally.”

He continued, “My first interview with Monmouth University for my position was a phone interview; however, I dressed up in a suit for it. No one could see me, of course, but dressing the part made me feel focused and authoritative during the interview.”

Best of luck and start to dress for success.

PHOTO TAKEN by Nicole Riddle