Tips for Best Semester

Tips for Making This Your Best Semester

The spring semester has just begun, but here are some easy tips to make it your best semester yet.

Wake up to a song that makes you smile.

From personal experience, I’ve learned that it’s almost impossible to wake up to an alarm that doesn’t fill your body with dread. Plus, the winter time is even worse since the sun rises later in the morning and nobody should have to wake up before the sun does.

However, by setting your alarm to one of your favorite songs, it softens the pain of waking up to attend your responsibilities, whether that be to go to work, class or basketball practice.

Use a song with happy lyrics and a calming melody so the light bulb in your head is peacefully turned on and the first thing you wake up to is something positive.

Evan Orsini, a freshman biology student, follows this idea by listening to music throughout the day to stay upbeat and energized in between classes. “Music keeps me in the zone and helps me focus on homework,” Orsini said.

Wear something that screams confidence (even if you’re faking).

Oversized sweatshirts are always welcome, and nobody plans to turn their backs on those magnificent, portable blankets. However, in order to perform your best, you must feel your best.

You can accomplish this simply with a necklace, a jean jacket or a new pair of pants.

Liven up your outfit with a scarf and some mascara to easily feel confident and take on the day. Something as simple as washing your face the night before will work by clearing up your skin and creating a natural glow.

Make time for breakfast.

It’s easier to function after you’ve eaten, and we don’t need anybody feeling lightheaded from lack of calorie intake.

Grab a yogurt or a banana on the way out the door and it will make a difference. Eggs, oatmeal or peanut butter on toast are some of the best breakfasts you can eat in order to truly start the day off right and kick-start your brain.

Sit in the front.  

Just kidding, well sort of. I’ll leave this to you as optional. Nobody wants to do this and to be honest, I fell short on this simple little task.

What is it about sitting in the front that is so unappealing? Some may feel uncomfortable with potentially having eyes on them for duration of the 90-minute class, specifically the backs of their heads.

We crave to blend in with the room and the dozen or so heads trying and failing to listen to the lecture.

Though, the truth is, nobody is paying attention to the back of your head. Others feel it allows the teacher to call on them and pick their brain more often than they would for the students behind the first row. However, this doesn’t apply either.

Still, this isn’t enough to encourage you to do so. Perhaps, instead of sitting in the front, I’ll suggest not sitting in the very last row.

Buy new notebooks.

Start off every semester with a clean notebook. This allows you to start fresh and enjoy the feel of ink over smooth paper on the very first page. New school supplies offer a layer of excitement too, even if some may not want to admit it.

Taylor Iasparro, a health and physical education student, follows this common task of buying new notebooks to start off a new semester. “Motivational quotes are also a great source of encouragement,” Iasparro continued. 

Take notes with your new notebook.

Susan Stever, a professor of literature and composition, suggests annotating reading assignments as a good way of keeping track of the course material.

Highlighting, underlining, circling and utilizing the margins for notes helps to better understand the text. “It is important to attend class regularly in order to follow these guidelines,” Stever said.


Start off the semester by participating so you do not get stuck in the labyrinth of being known to stay quiet throughout the class period.

Set a goal for yourself to ask one question or make one comment per class meeting and you’ll find you speak up more than that. The more often you do it, the more comfortable and relaxed you feel. Just like anything, it takes practice.


Working out will refine every single aspect of your life. It allows your brain to absorb material easier and concentrate longer as well as boosts your mood and energy. You will find waking up early in the morning is much easier to swallow, confidence is in surplus and learning comes much more naturally.

PHOTO TAKEN by Jenna Puglisi