Students Meet Frank Pallone in Asbury Park

Students joined local elected officials and members of Monmouth county to meet with New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. at the High Voltage Café in Asbury Park, last Saturday, Feb. 2.

The event, “Coffee with Congressman Frank Pallone Jr.,” was hosted to celebrate Pallone’s newly appointed position to Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which is one of the most powerful and prestigious committees in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Monmouth County Young Democrats, Asbury Park Young Dems and the Asbury Park Democrats, in accordance with the Monmouth University College Democrats on campus, all helped to coordinate the affair.

State Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling, who represents New Jersey’s 11th legislative district in the State Assembly, was also present at the event last weekend.

“I greatly appreciated the opportunity to discuss many of the pressing issues facing our state and our country, and I thank Congressman Pallone for his dedication to his district and his accessibility to his constituents,” he said. “I am excited to see so many young people getting involved in politics and government, and encourage them to continue working to improve their communities and our State.”

Landon Myers, a senior political science student and President of the Monmouth University College Democrats, said that the event was very successful.

“We were able to ask Congressman Pallone questions and hear about the process of Congress and a lot of the issues he was going to focus on in the next session,” he said.

Landon noted, “One of Pallone’s biggest talking points was the aspirational policy goals he supports, but having to take a pragmatic approach because Democrats only control the House.”

“Congressman Pallone was excited to hear that Monmouth University finally has a Democratic Club on campus,” said Kayvon Paul, a senior political science student and Outreach Coordinator for the Monmouth University College Democrats.

The Monmouth University College Democrats hope to plan similar informal events with legislative officials, lobbyists, and public interest leaders in the near future.

PHOTO COURTESY of Landon Myers