Best Study Stops

What’s the best study spot on campus?

Studying is probably the single most annoying part of college. Yeah, 8:30’s are a pain, and don’t even get me started on the tuition. But to force me to sit alone for hours on end and memorize material from class, let alone doing so when I’m surrounded by all my roommates and opportunities to have fun, is just borderline torture. So it presents the question, where is the best place to study?

Some people may say the library is the obvious choice. It provides students with the quiet atmosphere they need in order to really concentrate on what they’re studying. There are multiple computers for those quick glances at PowerPoints professors post on ecampus and printers readily available for people who prefer to print out their study guides rather than be hunched over a laptop screen for hours. As much as it helps to have all of this around, I find the lingering feeling of stress from nearby students affects the way I study whenever I’m there. Sometimes silence can be too loud and the sound of someone incessantly clicking their pen drives me bananas. So it’s a hard pass on the library. 

I used to be a strong believer in my dorm room being the best place to study. Yes, while being in a comfortable environment seems to be more inviting, it can also lead to major procrastination. The amount of times I’ve found myself falling asleep in bed rather than reading that chapter that’s definitely going to be on the next exam is a little embarrassing. It’s also very tempting to go join in on the fun when you hear your roommates laughing from down the hall. So I’ve learned the dorm isn’t really a great study space, either. 

I never really thought the student center would be a good space to study until last year. Whenever I heard people were going to do their schoolwork there, I just imagined a loud hum of chatter taking over the small space upstairs. Even worse, I imagined people sitting in the lower level, the one where people go to eat their meals in between classes, and never being able to hear myself think. Come to find out, if you time it just right, the student center is actually the best place to go.

At night, when the 6-9 pm classes are in session, I like to go sit on one of the couches upstairs and set up camp to get my work done. I find that there are less people around that time who want to talk to each other and would rather get their work done. Even if there are a few stragglers who enjoy chatting while they work, I’ve always popped in my ear buds and let some instrumental music drown out their words. I have computers at the ready in case I forget my laptop charger and printers for when I’m done writing my paper or preparing my study guide. You ultimately have all of the necessities from the other places rolled up into one. 

Everyone likes to study in different environments. Just because the library isn’t my cup of tea, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go and find your quiet corner. Who knows, maybe there are other hidden study spots around Monmouth just waiting to be found.

PHOTO TAKEN by Caroline Mattise