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Getting Your News from Various Sources

Technology. Technology has changed the way we communicate, listen to music, and most importantly, look at news.

In recent years, technology has increased our exposure to news from an online source via our computers or our smartphones. A website online,, gives multiple statistics on how Americans are receiving their information in this current era.

Just about four in ten Americans get their news from an online source, which doesn’t seem to be surprising and is also something that we can only definitely relate to as we navigate our busy lives.

I currently get most of my news from news app updates that I receive via Apple News on my iPhone. It’s rare, if ever, that I turn on the TV to get updated on the news when I’d rather go on my computer and take a look at what’s trending around the world or even searching something that I have an interest in i.e. the latest new tech.

I grew up in a large Republican household, so the network I look at for most of my news is Fox News. With Apple News, I’m able to save certain article interests that I like and follow them so I can constantly be updated  on what’s happening everywhere at any time.

On my phone, some of the networks I follow are Today, Evening Digest, Apple News Spotlight, Smartphones, Buzzfeed News, Politics, Health, and Science.

With the large advancement in technology, I have found it to be easier to favorite or like or star different interests that I enjoy rather than waiting for them to be discussed on the news.

I have also found with verbal communication, that you’ll sometimes catch what happens in the news just by word of mouth as often times most young adults and adolescents will receive their news from social media.

Aside from news networks, I also get a lot of my news from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If I want to see news on something that just occurred, I’ll venture to Twitter first before I go to Instagram or Facebook. My sister is a junior in high school and I’ve noticed that a lot of her friends, including herself, get their news from Snapchat by watching those news update videos when you swipe to the right.

With the coming of 5G Internet, having the news on our phones, tablets and computers is something that will “always be,” but the future is a different story and where we are going from here.

With politics becoming more and more important to the younger generation, having news integrated into social apps in a more unique way, such as Twitter, will be better for those who don’t want to sit in front of the TV waiting for change.

So, in reality, we have more places to find news than we know what to deal with. All it takes is a simple search, a click, and you’re there.