Reading Opens Minds

Reading Opens the Mind to New Ideas

I should start with the elephant in the room and admit that it is quite cliche and obvious that I, an English major, would of course have a passionate adoration for reading. However, such was not that way always; I was not born appreciating Shakespearean tragedies and with the extensive bookshelf I have now. In fact, like most (if not all) the young adults I know now, I used to despise books and the idea of reading anything longer than nutrition facts was a dreaded punishment.

For the benefit of being thorough, I should mention that English is not my first language. Spanish is. So it all began back when I adamantly sought to absorb the English language and not give the other kids of my class the opportunity to bully me on my lack of proficiency. I felt responsible to learn it, and I took it upon myself to watch all seasons of Friends, Game of Thrones, Skins, Sherlock, Doctor Who and movies like Twilight and The Hunger Games over and over again until I could recite dialogue. I came across a printed, book version of Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) and made it my mission to finish all published books, and continue with the Hunger Games, and found a different form of entertainment I hadn’t really known until then.

It became quite the simplest way to find myself in someone else’s shoes, and have it be therapeutic. For reading is not simply to absorb as much knowledge and big words as possible, but to broaden your perspective, imagination, and in comparison, quite similar to binge watching Netflix.

Holding reading as a hobby was dear to me, and I did not think it important in any way to make it a career. Hence why I was first a biology major. Though I do not regret it, and science is still quite an interesting subject to me, it allowed me to understand my true passion, my dreams of a career, and how reading not only taught me the English language, thematic values and how to grasp knowledge but the importance of following my interests.

There is difficulty in picking up the habit to read, being consistent and making time for it in the busy schedules of college students. Which is why I recommend those who can’t fathom to read for entertainment with little free time to read literary works like Milk and Honey, The Chaos of Longing, No Matter the Wreckage, This is How You Lose Her, Get in Trouble: Stories and even comics! Reading should be relaxing from the strenuous reading students do on a daily basis, a break from reality and relaxing entertainment.

One must truly want to progress mentally and physically in order to feel motivated and inspired to pick up hobbies like the gym, yoga, and reading. I believe there is a certain driving ability all college students possess to motivate them academically, and I think said drive can motivate anyone to read.

PHOTO TAKEN by Caroline Mattise