Spring Break Budget

How to Have a Spring Break on a Budget

Feel like you are missing out if you aren’t going away for spring break? Students who aren’t able to get away from the Jersey shore over spring break should not be worried. There are plenty of exciting plans you can make that don’t require a plane ride.

First off, find some friends that will want to go take a day trip somewhere that will be fun and exciting to see.

New York is always a great choice for local fun, with an endless amount of things to do.

There are so many different things you can do in the city such as: going out for a nice lunch or going to see a Broadway play.

Alexis Nulle, M.A., a specialist professor of communication, said, “Spring break is a great time to rejuvenate the soul for both students and faculty. Whether this means spending some quality time with your family and friends or planning a nice day trip.”

She continued, “There are great ways to relax and have fun while you can. I try to treat myself to a nice and relaxing pedicure or facial during the semester.”

It is challenging to find time to have fun, so do it while you can.”

So plan that day trip. Here are some suggestions for if you want to go to New York. Try the Museum of Ice Cream, you can go and see the different décor of the museum. You can also take pictures in a pool filled with sprinkles and get to see the different types of treats.

Another fun thing in New York to do is to go ice skating in Central Park. There are still so many fun things to check out in New York that will make the day enjoyable when you go with family or friends.

Bobby Greves, a junior finance student, said, “Over spring break I like to hang out and catch up with my friends since I do not see them a lot during the year. I also enjoy going into the city to see basketball games with some of my friends.”

Even seeing a sports game is a great way to stay occupied and let loose.

Even though you feel like everyone you know goes somewhere tropical and warm over spring break, there are a few fun activities to do without having to go away.

Another place to go and be with friends is the beach. You can never go wrong with taking a ride to the beach and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

There are a variety of places around our area to go eat, shop and hangout. Pier Village in Long Branch is a great place to go and enjoy some of the restaurants and shopping places they have.

Even if it isn’t a warm day to tan at the Jersey shore, go for a run or bike ride is always a refreshing and relaxing thing to do on the boardwalk along the beach.

Also, another thing to do is to try and take some time to relax for yourself and doing things you will enjoy.

Jessica Rodriquez, a junior psychology student, said, “Take the time to indulge in self-care. Whether it’s sleeping, spending time with family, reading a book, playing video games, going for a walk, or even listening to music, take time out of the day to focus on yourself and what makes you happy.”

We all need time to do things without always having to be on the move.

Spring break can be beneficial for some of us to get things done that maybe you have avoided getting done.

Also, many people have heard of the term “spring cleaning”, it is like a fresh start.

Although it may sound dreadful to clean over your spring break, some people find it relaxing, and it can even make you feel better about yourself. It is also a great way to get.

Clear all clutter in your life and improve your lifestyle.

As we all know that are so many things that we can do over spring break without having to go away somewhere.

Getting some friends together that our home as well, and planning some adventurous things to do.

Spring break isn’t only a time to relax, you can also give back. Maybe fill some of your free time by going to do some community service.

Monmouth University is granting a list of students the opportunity to go to Guatemala and give back to their community.

Spring break is a time to make unforgettable experiences; whether you are on campus, home, or going away with friends, make the most of it.

You can even discover a new hobby if you are looking to spend the break on a budget. Pick up a pencil and grab some paper and test your artistic abilities.

Or maybe you are a great cook but never took the time to realize it. There are so many things to do over a week span, so take advantage while you can.

Grab family or friends and have the best spring break without having to leave the Jersey shore.

In hopes of having a fun and relaxing spring break, try to get your assignments and projects done before hand. In doing this, it will allow you to have one less thing to stress about and it can benefit you in the long run.

PHOTO TAKEN by Cassandra Capozzi-Smith