DD Overdraft

Overdraft Fees Resolved

The Dunkin Donuts in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center experienced a credit card processing issue from Jan. 26 through March 13.

As a result, all debit and credit card transactions during this period were not processed until last Thursday, March 14. 

These charges will show on students’ statements individually and all will be posted for the same date. 

“We understand the position that this has put on our consumers and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We are committed to making this right,” Gourmet Dining writes in an email announcement to students. “If you happen to incur bank overdraft charges due to this unfortunate situation, please bring a copy of your statement or overdraft notice to the Gourmet Dining offices located behind Roots in The Rebecca Stafford Student Center and we will reimburse you for any fees you have incurred.” 

“I know that for many people, they keep bare minimum balances in their checking account, which is typically tied to their debit card. And if you have a big hit to that all at once, it is very possible for that to put you in an overdraft position and you are going to face overdraft fees,” said Nagy. “And that very much concerns me, because I know students probably run it down to the bare and are going to be find themselves in that position.” 

Upon discovery the incident had happened, Nagy explained that she immediately contacted Gourmet Dining.

“I reached out to them to say, ‘this has to be rectified, and you have to be responsible for whatever overdraft fees may occur because it is your responsibility as our vendor,’” she said.

Nagy also explained that she is continuing to oversee the systems to ensure that another situation does not happen again. 

PHOTO TAKEN by Nicole Riddle