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The MU Student’s New Groove

Getting back into the groove of things after spring break can be seemingly impossible. As college students, spring break is the ultimate tease, our fleeting taste of summer that is gone before we know it.

Readjusting to school after a break is difficult, but must be done. Here are  a few tips to help you get back into the swing of things:

Set short-term goals.

Jumping full force into the remaining time left of the semester is going to leave you feeling overwhelmed. Instead of panicking thinking of all the work you are going to have to face, compartmentalize your time.

Taking on your workload day by day will help you feel like you can meet all of your deadlines, without having a panic attack.

Lisa Allocco, professor of communication, said, “I’ve seen students drop a full letter grade from midterm to finals because they caught spring fever. I suggest they hold strong to maintain or improve their grades heading into final exams.”

Allocco continued, “Students can still enjoy all that Monmouth and the shore area has to offer in the spring, if they take a one-week-at-a-time approach instead of setting their sights on life after finals with five or six weeks of course work still on their plates.”

Why rush your time at college, when you can savor every moment? Even if that means you need to do a little homework along the way.

Plan it out.

Although writing down your goals in a planner can get tedious, it is a great way to assimilate back into the college grind.

Go to Marshalls or TJ-Maxx and pick up a discounted planner, or notebook with a fun pattern or design. This will help you feel fresh, organized, and back in the studious spirit.

Erica Barbara, a junior communication student, takes this approach as well. Barbara said, “Personally, to get back into the school routine I start waking up earlier a day or two before break ends. I also write down an agenda for the week back in that time! Writing everything down in one place really helps me get back on track.”

Even if in the long term you can’t visualize yourself writing in your planner consistently, it helps to get the ball rolling. All you need is an initial push to get on the right track for your school work.

Self care.

Many students flee home during spring break to get much-needed family time and relish in the comfortability of home. While you are home it can be easy to lose touch with reality.

When you return back to campus be sure to work on yourself, which will, in turn, keep you motivated for the remainder of the semester. If you do not regularly practice a self-care routine, this would be the perfect time to begin. When you are feeling, and looking your best, productivity will follow.

Rebecca Ley, a junior health and wellness promotion student, said, “Make sure to review old emails to refresh on what you were doing before break started. Reach out to friends and see how they are preparing, look at upcoming assignments.”

Ley also provided a good tip: “Pick out a nice outfit for the incentive of feeling good and motivated on your first day.” Spring is a perfect time to rid of your old bad habits and recharge your positivity.

Search for inspiration.

Sometimes the lack of motivation can make you feel lost, and there is no reason not to look for help along the way if you are feeling like this. Take a Sunday night to comb through Pinterest, or even listen to your favorite TedTalk to help spark drive.

Hearing what others have done to help get them out of a rut, is often helpful if you are feeling the same way. If you find looking elsewhere for inspiration, is a step in the right direction, start creating mood and vision boards.

Putting all of your inspiration in one place can help you manifest it in real life.

Meet with your professors.

If you are feeling behind from break, don’t hesitate to reach out to your professors. Although it may seem scary at first, your professors are here to help you.

You can find in your syllabi, or on the campus directory,  your professor’s office hours and schedule an appropriate time to meet. This will help you get ahead, and have a clear understanding of where you are at in your classes. 

Getting back into the groove of classes can be hard, but it all starts with you. You are the only person who determines your future, once you fully invest in yourself success and productivity will follow.