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More Summer, Less Spending

Being a college student over summer vacation, with no money to spend, can be very upsetting. Luckily, there are a few ways you can save money this summer while still having fun.

Enjoying the outdoors and warm weather is a great way to save money in the summer. Instead of spending, there are many free activities to do. Going for a hike, riding your bike, swimming, or even going on a camping trip with friends, are experiences that are priceless.

Micheal Phillips-Anderson, Ph.D., an associate professor of communication, said, “There are lots of mostly free (or relatively inexpensive) things to do over the summer so you can save your money for the big stuff (for me that would be travel).”

He continued, “You can sit on the boardwalk in Asbury Park and listen to a show from The Stone Pony for free. It costs a little to get to New York, but there are lots of things to do that won’t cost a lot like music, parks, and art exhibits.”

Living by the Jersey Shore, we have the opportunity to take a trip to the beach easily. If you are in the area some beaches to check out are: Sandy Hook, Pier Village, and Asbury Park. Sandy Hook beach has water sports such as paddle boarding and kayaking for little cost.  In Pier Village and Asbury Park, you can ride your bike on the boardwalk or around town, instead of driving and consistently having to spend money to fill your car up with gas. 

If you are looking for nightlife, there are live bands that perform in Pier Village. These performances are free to attend. Instead of paying an exuberant amount of money for concert tickets, take advantage of the local talent. During the concert you can mingle with friends, take a walk on the beach, or eat at one of many restaurants in the surrounding areas.

Michaela Schneker, a junior criminal justice student, said, “The best way to save money during the summer is going to a free public beach and relaxing, without having to spend your money on paying to get onto an expensive beach.” Going to a beach where you do not have to pay for admission will help save you money and give you relaxation you were looking for. One free beach that is close to our beautiful campus is Seven Presidents Park. At this beach you only pay for parking.

Another thing to keep in mind during the summer months is that in order to have fun, you do not have to go out to expensive dinners. Sophie Cooperman, a sophomore homeland security student, said, “I will try and cook more at home than eating out, which is something that I didn’t do last summer.”

Meal planning is something that can help everyone during the summer as far as saving money and eating correctly. Instead of splurging on a smoothie that will cost you around $10-12 during the summer months, opt to make the smoothie at home. Cooking at home will save you money, and from long lines.

Summer at the Jersey Shore draws large crowds, and vacationers, which in turn makes the prices of food and simple snacks sky-rocket. On weekends, popular restaurants will have hour long waits, and a chaotic atmosphere. If you are feeling the pressure to go out with family or friends to an expensive dinner, try suggesting a home cooked meal followed by outside games or hangouts.

Having a bonfire, and sitting outside on a summer night will bring you closer to family and friends, while creating memories. 

There are many alternatives to saving money during the summer, while avoiding the mindset that to have fun, you must pay. Making simple lifestyle changes to the way you find transportation, experience night-life or even eat, can benefit you by saving money and improving your future.

Saving money this summer will help you financially stay stable, and not buckle under the stress of being a “broke” college student. Take full advantage of the Jersey Shore, and everything (free) it has to offer, in a true local style. 

After all, it is not about how much money you have or spend, but rather the good times you have, and the memories you make with friends.