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I graduate in December and want to know if I should come back and get my masters – Anonymous

Anonymous– This is a question that, as a senior, I have been asking myself as well. The problem with furthering your education to a master’s or doctorate level is that it takes true commitment. You do not want to waste your time, or money at this valuable stage in your life. 

If you are planning on going straight to the workforce or applying for a job that does not require a master’s (and land said job) you may want to begin working in your field and see if you then want to go back to school. 

You may find that there are opportunities and job security within your position without getting an extra degree.  

Marina Vujnovic, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication and Journalism Studies, teaches graduate-level courses at Monmouth University and is involved with the graduate program. 

Vujnovic says that getting a master’s degree, “really depends on personal and professional goals. Some people these days decide to go straight into the graduate program after finishing their undergrad degree because they believe it will increase their chances to get a higher-level position or a better paying job. Some people want to try and be in their field for a few years, and then see if a masters degree is a path for them…”  

Know yourself, and most importantly know your limits. There is no rush, and we are all on different time schedules. You can decide 10 years from now going back to school is the right decision, and that is perfectly okay.

Good Luck,


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