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Holiday Gift Guide

With Thanksgiving out of the way, it’s officially time for the holiday season! But as college students, extra shopping is the last thing on our minds. With finals week coming up and our limited college budgets, it can be a little hard to shop for our loved ones. So, here are some cheap and easy gift ideas to make the gift-giving process a little easier for you.

Gift shopping for your parents might seem like an easy task, but shopping for your parents with a broke college student budget is, in reality, a lot harder than you may think. You can never go wrong with a personalized keepsake. Amazon and Etsy have tons of cheap and creative customized picture frames, which are a perfect gift for your parents this holiday season.

Another great gift for parents, especially a gift for those who love cooking, is kitchen appliances. You’re probably thinking, “Are you kidding? That’s way too expensive,” and you would be right. Some appliances can be extremely expensive, but by doing the proper research, you can find some gadgets that don’t exceed $100. The price of a good yet cheap immersion blender ranges from $30 to $60, the cost of a nice air fryer is about $50 to $80, and an off-brand and inexpensive Dutch Oven costs about $45. So, take the time and do some investigating on these items, because no matter the cost, your parents will certainly adore these gifts and make the most out of them.

Shopping for a significant other any other time of the year is stressful enough. The pressure that each gift must be better than the last builds up and makes it impossible to shop. In that case, let’s take the shopping out of this holiday season and replace it with more meaningful gifts.

Rather than material items, surprise your significant other with a thoughtful date. Going ice skating, baking holiday treats, or having a cozy movie night are all low cost and meaningful dates that, no matter your partner’s interest, they’ll love because they’re spending that time with you.

You can also go the DIY route. Handwritten letters, memory jars, and scrapbooks are all perfect ways to show your significant other how much you care about them during this time of year without having to break the bank.

Of course, if you really do want to buy something for your partner, you can never go wrong with basic gifts. Oversized hoodies, matching jewelry, and perfume/cologne are all wonderful and easy items to make your significant other feel loved and special.

Gifts for your friends, especially when you have a large friend group, can be quite a challenge. This year, try and get something for your friend group as a whole, rather than each individual friend. A board game or a puzzle game that you and your friends can all enjoy together is incomparable to any other gift, plus it is a great bonding experience. While it might be on the pricier side, buying you and your friends concert tickets is a superb gift, creating an amazing and fun shared experience for the future.

Holiday shopping as a college student can be hard. Being responsible for the gifts of your loved ones isn’t as jolly as it’s cracked up to be when you’re rolling on a tight budget. Use these ideas to make your gift-giving process a whole lot easier this year. The holidays are meant to be happy relaxing, so make sure they stay that way.