El Camino Ain’t That Bad

The much anticipated Breaking Bad spin-off film, entitled El Camino, was released on Netflix on Oct. 11. 

The rumors of a spin-off film by creator, writer, and director Vince Gilligan circulated around the internet last year. Then there was radio silence until late August when we got a surprise trailer.  The movie was filmed entirely in secret.

El Camino begins in the immediate wake of Breaking Bad, with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) a fugitive on the run, and Johnny Law hot on his heels.  He forms a plan as he goes.

Since this movie is attached to one of the biggest shows of all time, I’m not spoiling the show or the film.

Since the series finale in 2013, fans have had some serious burning questions about the loose ends left unanswered.  This movie does a fantastic job of answering many of those questions.

There’s also plenty of familiar faces from Breaking Bad reprising their roles.  On top of that, a lot of little Easter eggs and references throughout.

This film has everything; stellar performances, good camera work, cinematography, dialogue, Gilligan’s famed humor, and story.  Even if you’re not a Breaking Bad superfan, this is a beautiful film that is cooking from the start.  It does rely heavily on the story of Breaking Bad, but if you haven’t binged it since 2013, are you ever going to?

The title of El Camino is significant for two reasons.  First, it’s the car Jesse is fleeing in.  And second, el camino in Spanish means the way.

With everyone in the nation aware of Jesse’s name and face as the partner of meth super kingpin Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston), does Jesse find a way out of Albuquerque?

IMAGE TAKEN from International Business Times