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Management Matters at MU

On Sept. 25th, from 5 until 8 p.m., Michaeline Skiba, Ed.D. and Joe V. Palazzolo, Ed.D. hosted an event on campus titled “Management Matters.”

This event was designed to feature MU alumni to travel back to their roots and discuss how they employ management skills within their current jobs. The three panelists spoke about their current positions, their companies, and how they achieved the positions they hold today.

The first speaker’s name was Michael Marks. Marks made it clear that after college, he was lost and had no clue what he wanted to do. Using MU’s career services office, he found his way to a very successful position at Showtime.

The second panelist was Caitlin Kovacs, who focused on how she was determined to stay true to who she was throughout her journey. Although she started in an accounting position at EY, after she earned her MBA at MU, she changed her career path to finance. She explained that through everything, she put her happiness first and kept in mind what she wanted her end goal to be. Now, Kovacs works for Univision Communications in a challenging management position.

The third panelist of the night was Rocio Serey, who did not earn a business degree during her time at MU. However, she spent a lot of time in the Leon Hess Business School and found a way to utilize the connections that she made there to her advantage. Majoring in psychology and applying resources from the business school, Serey found her way into Dow Jones where she now works with the CEO of the company to create new ideas for the company.

After the panelists described their work, it was clear that all of them came to the same conclusions: teamwork, understanding what is important, not dismissing ideas but working with their co-workers on current ideas, increasing their impact on their companies in positive ways.

After the presentations, there was a great deal of discussion among the audience members and the panelists. This was a key feature of the event because it allowed students to comment on or question certain aspects of each panelist’s specialty. Having this opportunity excited the large amount of people that came to the event because they were able to connect these professionals to their own lives.  Many of the students in the audience will be facing the realities of the professional workforce sooner rather than later.

Emma Blair, a business marketing major, said that “attending this panel was an amazing experience. I did not want to attend at first, but once I saw the participation in the discussion, I was happy I decided to go. I am a senior, so knowing that it is possible to not know where you are going and being able to still be successful was the best thing I could have heard.”

After the panel discussion, all the panelists stayed behind with business cards for any personal questions that students may have had. Each student was able to connect with any of the panelists. Not only was this an amazing networking opportunity, but also it allowed students to talk with accomplished adults who are close to their ages and who can truly understand what they are going through and what they will be going through.

Emily Condron, a business major concentrating in accounting and finance, explained that “meeting with the panelists was one of the best things so far in any networking event I’ve attended. I connected so well with Ms. Kovacs to the point where she has become more of a mentor for me than just someone I met. She has helped so much, and talking with her has definitely made a positive impact on my life.”

Clearly, the “Management Matters” panel was an overall positive contribution to Monmouth University!

Everyone enjoyed the conversation and educational experience that night.

Skiba said, “If this first panel intrigued you, tell your friends about it and attend the next two panels scheduled for Wednesday, October 23rd, and Wednesday, November 20th, both of which are in Pozycki Auditorium (room 115) from 6 to 8 p.m.  Each panel will feature three different panelists, a whole new discussion and, hopefully, a great time!”