Sports TV

Should You Watch Sports on TV?

Watching sports of any kind takes a certain type of person. You do not have to be an athletic person to watch sports, but to actually sit down and watch them in any capacity you have to understand them or be willing to learn about them.

For some sports, it is best to watch in person and be there in the moment, whereas for others it is better to lounge around in your pajamas watching it on television. The best way to decide what way to watch a sport is how big of a fan you are, do you like cheering and is food more important.

No matter where you are watching there are rules to be followed, like shut up and enjoy the game. Commentary is unnecessary unless you are cheering, yelling at the other team or at the bad call the refs made. Another rule is that food must be included, whether it’s a stadium hot dog or some pizza on the couch, it is not a sports game without the proper game food.

For most people sports such as football, baseball/softball, and basketball need to be watched in person. The most appealing aspect of watching a sport in person is the competition. Fans get swooped up in the effects of cheering whether they are singing take me out to the ball game, rooting for defense, or mocking the other team.

When the wave starts at a baseball game, it is very rare to see someone sitting it out and it is unlikely that you would do the wave when sitting on your couch at home. The chaotic energy of the sport and the fans is what makes someone want to watch a game in person. To some people watching sports on television is horrific; in fact, Quentin Tarantino once said, “to me, torture would be watching sports on TV.”

There are also games that should only be watched on television such as golf, track and field, and swimming. These sports are all long individual sports. When watching these you could change the channel or walk away to do something else and come back at your leisure.          

When considering watching these sports in person, people often look at how long the competition is and how much the tickets are, often finding it not worth the money to only end up leaving half way through. Fans of these sports would rather be comfortable watching the sport in their own home than forced to sit around people they do not know for time on end.

Then there are the sports where you can watch in person or on television because no matter what way you choose it will not take away from the experience. Volleyball, wrestling, and racing (both horses and cars) are sports that can be enjoyed in any capacity.

For some sports, the fans physical presence is necessary to excite themselves, the player, and those watching at home. Those fans who are willing to go out and be present at a game have a lot of commitment. Fans who go in person to a sporting event are often prepared for anything as they have endured rain, sleet, blazing heat, and snow.

Everyone has their own style for watching specific sports but if you ask any true sports fans the answer to what the best way to watch a game is, the answer will always be in person.

PHOTO TAKEN by Hunter Goldberg