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Holiday Shopping

‘Tis the season of shopping. The holiday season is here so that means it is time to buy all your loved ones’ gifts.

This is the most wonderful and stressful time of the year. The turkey has been devoured, the tree has been decorated, and red and green have taken over. It is time to hit the stores, online or in-store.

I have mixed feelings with what I like better: shopping online or shopping in-stores.

I am an avid Amazon shopper, who does not love ordering something and it getting delivered the next day. Amazon is definitely the go-to for Christmas or other holiday shopping.

I have already ordered two gifts for my boyfriend and will definitely be looking here first for all other presents.

However, Amazon and other online stores are only good when you know specifically what you want or are willing to sit there for hours searching for gift ideas.

I still have lots of love for shopping in-stores, especially when I do not plan enough in advance to order online. That is the downfall of ordering online, shipping. Yes, Amazon does do a good job at shipping fast with prime but that does not apply for all items.

I also seem to find the perfect gift at the last minute that will take days or weeks to ship (or that comes in the day after Christmas). This is when you scour the store in hopes of finding it, hopefully around the same price it was online.

Shopping in-stores is also a great and easy way to find gifts or to come up with gift ideas and maybe later find them cheaper online.

Target is always a great place to find presents all while you shop for groceries. It is also the perfect place to buy all things Christmas: ornaments, decorations, lights, wrapping paper, etc. But the issue with in-store shopping is the swarms of folks also shopping at the same time as you making it stressful and time consuming.

I would say the epic debate between online shopping and in-store shopping comes down to which is less stressful.

For me, online shopping is the least stress-inducing way to purchase all the gifts on my list. It is so convenient and can be done at anytime, anywhere.

Online shopping is a fitting way for college students to get all their Christmas shopping done while finishing all their classes.

Scrolling through Amazon is also a great tool for procrastination throughout finals or just a great brain break during those countless study hours.

This holiday season is truly the season of giving but do not give too much of yourself to the holiday stress. Christmas and all the other holidays are supposed to be enjoyable so do as much shopping as you can online and limit your time in-stores with the crowds of people.

Online shopping is your safe haven as long as you search and order somewhat early, so the items come in on time. I have concluded that the best advice I can give for holiday shopping is to plan ahead.

So get to shopping everyone whether it be online or in-stores! Your loved ones deserve the best gifts this holiday season.

PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth University