Is Eli Destined for the Hall of Fame?

Elisha Nelson Manning IV is 39-years-old and has played 16 seasons for the New York Giants. Eli Manning recently called it quits after a 16-year career. Eli announced his retirement officially during a retirement press conference at the Giant’s facility on Jan. 24, 2020.

After 16 seasons, Eli has gained many milestones and accolades throughout his career. His milestones include 57,023 passing yards, 366 touchdown passes, 125 victories, 236 consecutive regular games played for the Giants, 51 300+ yard games, and 42 game-winning drives. His accolades cover Pro Bowl appearances in 2008, 2011, 2012, and 2015; Super Bowl Champion and Most Valuable Player (MVP) XLII, XLVI; and Walter Payton Man of the Year 2016.

These accomplishments and statistics are very rare and are difficult to achieve and definitely shows elite status. Also, Eli ranks in the top 10 of nearly every major career-passing category. Manning ranks seventh in career passing yards and eighth in touchdowns.

Eli, unfortunately, does have a downside to his bright career. Manning did not have much success in the postseason outside of the two Super Bowl runs and has a lack of consistency. He has thrown 366 touchdowns but has also thrown 241 interceptions. Manning finished with a record of 116-116. This proves that Manning is a .500 quarterback in the regular season.

Jim Plunkett has two Super Bowl Rings and is shockingly not in the Hall of Fame. If Manning is not inducted he will be just the second player who has two rings and is not in the Hall of Fame.

The answer to this worldwide question will ultimately come down to a vote between a group of media members. Manning will be eligible to be a contender for the Hall of Fame five years from now.

There is a poll up on ESPN that is open to anyone and the votes read 65 percent yes and 35 percent no, as of now. This same question has been asked to NFL writers, reporters, Hall of Famers, and current star players throughout the league. The majority of their answers have been yes.

However, the question has been a huge discussion in the world of sports the past couple of weeks. As a Giants fan, I absolutely can say he belongs in the hall of fame, but I may be a little bias. 

First off, he is a leader on and off the field. To win two Super Bowls against the same team, one of which having an undrafted recorded the entire season (18-0), and coming away with two MVP awards, how can one say no? Any quarterback that can accomplish MVP twice along with two Super Bowl wins, in my book, is a Hall of Famer. He beat the greatest quarterback and coach of all time….Twice.

We will not find out the answer to this debate for at least five years but if I were on the voting panel, he would have my vote. Honestly, I will be in complete and utter shock if Manning is not inducted into the Hall of Fame. It may, however, take more than five years but within my lifetime, he will be inducted.

GRAPHIC MADE by Hunter Goldberg