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Maintaining Healthy Relationships

During this time, maintaining healthy relationships are really important to many people. As time is passing, all we have is our relationships with our family and friends.

Now more than ever we all need to be able to support one another as well as listening through this difficult time. Even though we are all isolated from our loved ones there are still many ways we can maintain our relationships. A few suggestions that we can consider in order to maintain healthy relationships during these times are; calling, zooming, and doing activities with family. However, remaining to be safe and cautious is what we still should be doing. I know it has not been the easiest for everyone.

For me, I have been trying keep busy and remain doing my daily tasks. But I will say that the one thing that’s been easy for me is talking to my aunts and cousin almost every day. I think we would all be lost if cell phones did not exist. Luckily, we do have these devices so everyone can keep in touch as we remain in quarantine.

Having relationships with family and friends are supposed to be healthy and enjoyable. Being cooped up inside is a perfect time to start focusing on maintaining and improving healthy relationships. I believe the number one thing that can help any healthy relationship, especially having to deal with this pandemic, is to be supportive. Being supportive is an important concept to really have for yourself and others around you. We all have to be able to listen and respect one another emotions. As always, you never know what a person is going through until they tell or express it to you. So being able to be supportive to your love ones is an important characteristic to have.

Another characteristic to have when trying to maintain healthy relationships is being be able to respect each other and ones’ feelings. As many of us are all going through different challenges and experiences we must be compassionate.

You may be asking why is this really important for people to do? To answer that, many people can’t physically be in each other’s presents. So now more than ever, it might be empowering to try and reach out to the people you care for.

As this time is crucial for everyone in our world we must remember how valuable time and relationships are with family and friends. We will never get this time back so we all must try to look around us and remember to reach out a little bit more than usually. Spending extra time with love ones can help process this time a little better. Just remember to reach out every so often to call and or Facetime with your love ones.

Try to take this time to focus on what is most important to you. As well as trying to maintain the healthy relationships around yourself.