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COVID-19 Dashboard

President Leahy announced a COVID-19 Campus Dashboard on Wednesday. Sep. 16. Updated daily by 4 p.m., the dashboard tracks confirmed COVID-19 cases among employees working on campus, residential students and non-residential students, as well as the amount of University-sponsored beds occupied by students currently in isolation or quarantine.

Accessed at, the dashboard “reflects our commitment to transparency related to the health and safety of our campus community,” Leahy wrote in an email addressed to all members of the Monmouth University community. “The dashboard also reflects the number of students living off campus in the local community who may have in person or hybrid courses here on campus who are in quarantine or isolation at their homes in the community.”

After becoming aware of an employee/student who tests positive for COVID-19, one should notify Health Services by contacting Kathy Maloney at or, Leahy wrote. “Upon such notification, the Health Services will keep the academic area informed should students or professors miss classes due to the illness by informing Danielle Schrama from the Center for Student Success.”

Students who become positively diagnosed with COVID-19 will be isolated from the general student population, Leahy wrote. “Students who live within 100 miles of campus and are able to go home will be encouraged to do so. For COVID-positive students who are unable to go home, they will be moved into campus isolation housing.”

The COVID-19 Response Team, consisting of members of Residential Life, Health Services, MUPD, Student Life, Dining Services, and Center for Student Success will be tracking positives.

They have developed an Excel spreadsheet to track essential information, date of positive test, symptoms, location of isolation, monitoring and date of release from isolation,” Leahy wrote. “They will ensure the health, safety, and academic needs of the student are met.”

Leahy expressed satisfaction with the fall reopening, being “pleased to see” so many students and faculty respecting and following the health and safety protocols. “Practicing social distancing, hand-washing, wearing masks, and following the health and safety protocols will help us mitigate the virus and enable us to continue to offer in-person instruction and campus experience for everyone.”

Leahy hopes that “students, their families, and employees will find this dashboard to be a useful source of information as [the University] works to keep our campus and surrounding communities as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth University