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Eighty Sixing The Kardashians

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is officially wrapping up after 14 years on the air.

Kim Kardashian announced through Instagram earlier this month that her family has decided to end their extremely successful reality television series. The final episodes are to air in 2021, concluding the series after 20 seasons. 

A source told Entertainment Tonight that there is no particular reason for the show ending. The family is continuously growing, with each sister (besides supermodel Kendall Jenner) having families of their own. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the family to film as a whole or get enough footage separately. 

Kris Jenner recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, being one of the first guests to appear on The Ellen Show following the controversy behind Ellen mistreating her staff.

Jenner revealed, “It was kind of sudden. I think we were talking about signing up for another couple of years with our network, and suddenly just all came to the decision as a group that the whole family felt it was just time. It just sort of came to us, and we thought, 20 seasons, 14 years, hundreds of episodes and lots of spinoffs.” 

After years in the public eye, it makes sense as to why the family seems like it is time to cancel the show. Jenner continues by saying thanks to the series, she has incredible home-videos, and the family is forever thankful for the endless opportunities the show has provided them with.

When the show first aired back in 2007, the family was a lot simpler; none of the Kardashian/Jenner siblings were married or divorced, there were no grandchildren, etc. As life for the famous family becomes more complex, it becomes more difficult to stay such dominant public figures, eliminating a camera crew following their every move makes for a much calmer lifestyle.

Since the start of the show, the Kardashians have had their share of ups and downs; plenty of weddings, divorces, new additions, luxurious vacations, fights, and earrings lost to the ocean.

At its most popular point, KUWTK had 4.8 million viewers according to Nielsen. That was at the 

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end of season 4. At the end of last season, KUWTK was only averaging 810,000 weekly viewers.

Family friend Paris Hilton sat down with Entertainment Tonight and gave her insight to the show ending, stating that the family has built an empire that is much larger than a television show. They want to spend time with their families and focus on their individual multi-million dollar businesses (in Kylie’s case, billion dollar).

Hilton went on to say that she can relate to the family wanting to get off camera because she felt the same way when she decided to wrap up her reality show The Simple Life back in 2007, the same year season one of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired. 

Altogether, The Kardashian/Jenner Family impacted pop culture to the point of no return. The cancelation of their reality television series won’t harm their celebrity status or their financial incomes as they concur social media platforms and continue to build billion dollar brands. 

As a fan of the show, I am going to miss getting an inside look at their day-to-day lives, but I am happy they are taking the time to focus on other opportunities and their families. Canceling such a successful television series goes to show that major celebrities are only human, and taking a break from constant camera coverage is essential for sanity.


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