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Book Review: Pillow Thoughts

We are all humans, and we all feel a variety of emotions depending on what life is throwing at us at different times. Whether it is excruciating lows or sky-rocketing highs, we’ve all been there. And sometimes, it’s comforting to know someone else understands the pain or joy, the excitement or depression, you feel as well.

Courtney Peppernell, the Australian, LGBT author of Pillow Thoughts, captures the raw truth behind human emotions.

Pillow Thoughts is a collection of poetry and prose about heartbreak, love, loss, and self-worth. Peppernell divided this into ten sections, making it so simple to skip to the parts where you want to feel the most.

She submerges her words into all the aspects that come along when falling in love with somebody. She acknowledges the butterflies you may feel at first glance, the comfortableness and safety you feel within the companionship, the heart-wrenching sadness when things deteriorate, and the aching sadness when you can’t let go of memories you once clutched on to. 

Electronic musical duo The Chainsmokers said, “As songwriters, poetry has always played a special role in our lives. We discovered Pillow Thoughts, and it has been one of the most enjoyable books we have read in a long time”.

No matter how many times you read through the pages, each poem continues to resonate with a significant aspect or moment occurring in your daily life.

Through her writing, Peppernell confesses blatantly honest struggles and emotions individuals grapple with at some point in their lives. Some examples include self-esteem issues and the importance of self-worth.

Her words are simple and to the point, but in the same breath, relatable and transparent. Peppernell has an amazing writing ability to capture such intensity and release it onto the page in a light-hearted and comforting way.

Her talent is manifested throughout the 256 pages of Pillow Thoughts. Each section was written with the intention to be read when the reader is in a specific frame of mind. The table of thoughts include if you are dreaming of someone, are in love, heartbroken, lonely, sad, or missing someone.

The others include if you are missing someone, need encouragement, soul-searching, or need a reason to stay. The last one is dedicated to her partner, Rhian. This final touch strings it all together. She allowed her readers to understand she is just like them. She is not portraying some exaggerated sentiments that she has no experience with. She understands the sensations that feelings leave you with, and her empathy is recognizable. Her feelings are prevalent, and utterly impossible to ignore.

Peppernell is not to be underestimated or under recognized. Her words don’t disappear from your life the moment you flip the page. They have a way of resonating with you and what is occurring in your life; internally, emotionally, and physically.

Since its publication in 2017, there has been three more Pillow Thoughts books released as part of a series; Healing the Heart in 2018, Mending the Mind in 2019, and the most recent Stitching the Soul in August of 2020.

Whether you are a poetry fan or not, this is a must read that will have little sticky notes on so many of the pages. To be able to flip back and forth, knowing her solacing words are there, is a true talent.

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