The World of Comedy Podcasts

It seems as though more and more people are choosing podcasts over radio as their medium of audio entertainment. Podcasts empower listeners to engage in conversations that interest them. More specifically, podcasts allow people to tune into specific topics of interest or particular personalities without the added interruption of advertisements as found on the radio. […]


How Taylor Swift’s Easter Eggs Brought Us Midnights

Only Taylor Swift could create palpable excitement in both fans and peripheral listeners when re-releasing Red— an album we first heard almost ten years ago. The 32-year-old singer-songwriter is notorious for leaving “easter eggs” before she makes an official album announcement or release. defines easter eggs as “a hidden message, cryptic reference, iconic image, […]


Licorice Pizza: Not Your Usual “Love” Story

An overly confident 15-year-old boy and a directionless 25-year-old woman floating from job to job. Not exactly who you’d picture as best friends; but they are the leads in Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest work “Licorice Pizza.” Set in the early seventies, Southern California, the time period is captured so naturally, it makes the viewer feel […]

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The Many Saints of Newark: The Origin of TV’s Most Iconic Characters

Tony Soprano. Silvio Dante. Paulie Walnuts. Christopher Moltisanti. Junior Soprano. Anyone who has seen the iconic early 2000s HBO show The Sopranos is instantly familiar with these names. And starting Oct. 1, fans of the wildly successful and iconic show were able to see the origin story of these characters, along with stories of new […]