The World of Comedy Podcasts

It seems as though more and more people are choosing podcasts over radio as their medium of audio entertainment.

Podcasts empower listeners to engage in conversations that interest them. More specifically, podcasts allow people to tune into specific topics of interest or particular personalities without the added interruption of advertisements as found on the radio.

There is a wide range of podcast genres to choose from, such as news, crime, entertainment, investigative, and, my personal favorite, comedy. There are even various sub-genres within each of these categories. For instance, comedic podcasts can consist of a comedian interviewing other comedians or celebrities, talking about events in their own life, or humorously debating different topics with others.

One of my favorite podcasts that falls into the latter category is called “Taste Buds.” Sal Vulcano of Impractical Jokers, and Joe DeRosa, a comedy writer and stand-up comedian, debate different foods every week. For example, they discussed Oreos vs. Chips Ahoy! and strawberries vs. bananas. I feel that the ridiculousness of the podcast is one of the reasons why it’s so funny. The co-hosts often find themselves screaming over their respective foods, which is by itself highly entertaining. At the end of each episode, the hosts poll the debate prompt on social media; the decision of which is the superior food is left up to the viewer.

It’s important with podcasts, especially comedy, to get the listener involved as it adds so much more to the podcast. This interactive component allows listeners to have inside jokes with the hosts.

Some comedy podcasts have also had some serious turns, which can take people by surprise. One that comes to mind is the Joe Rogan podcast. Rogan, who often hosted fellow comedians, now has more recognizable celebrities stars on the show. Nevertheless, Rogan’s claim to fame has been colored by some controversy, most notably his misinforming discussions about the corona virus. People who have any sort of platform, especially a large one like Rogan’s, have a responsibility to not intentionally spread misinformation to listeners. Personally, I think this is a danger on the rise as the entertainment landscape is formed by “influencers” over traditional media personalities.

Another important aspect to the world of comedy podcasts is the opportunity for collaboration. Popular comedians Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer both have their own podcasts, “Bertcast” and “Your Mom’s House” respectively, but they collaborate together on a joint podcast they have titled “2 Bears 1 Cave,” showcasing their friendship and comedic chops. The fans get more content from their favorite comedians, and the comedians get more exposure and views— mutually beneficial from all fronts.

Prior to the age of podcasts, comedians’ exposure was limited to stand-up routines, most desperate to make it big enough for an hour slot on a television special. Now, comedians can create podcasts where they create traction, a loyal and diverse fanbase, as well as their own specials. Comedians and other entertainers are more accessible today because of podcasts.