Five of the Best Study Spots On and Off Campus

As finals steadily approach, finding the perfect study spot in anticipation for the season is of the upmost importance. A good space to study can help minimize distractions, increase productivity, and lower stress during one’s studying process. Figuring out what atmosphere maximizes your productivity and minimizes your stress is paramount to anyone’s academic success.

  1. Libraries
    A tried-and-true studying location, the library is a perfect spot to maintain focus while doing your work. It’s a quiet space that provides students with internet access, computers, and printers.
    The Guggenheim Memorial Library, located on the residential side of campus, enables students to reserve study rooms for both independent and group study sessions, making the risk of distractions that much more avoidable.
    The library has three floors, each with their own study rooms and varying levels of silence. The third floor is intended for complete silent study, while quiet conversations are permitted on the first and second. This allows students to choose what atmosphere they feel will produce the best work.
    If a study room is not what you’re looking for, the Guggenheim Memorial Library also offers plenty of tables, outdoor seating, and a modest café located on the first floor to suit your needs.
  2. Coffee Shops
    If you’re interested in getting a small snack or caffeine fix while studying, a coffee shop may be your location of choice.
    Coffee shops tend to have a very friendly and relaxing environment because of their low light and ambient music, which can reduce the stressful nature of studying. The ambience of a coffee shop, coupled with the motivation that accompanies the presence of other working individuals, can increase productivity and motivation tremendously.
    Many coffee shops also provide free amenities like Wi-Fi and electrical outlets to charge your laptop or phone so you can continue your work as long as you need. Most also have comfortable furniture that add to the cozy atmosphere.
    Monmouth University’s campus has two coffee shops on campus: the Parson Cafe, located in The Great Hall, and Dunkin’ Donuts, located in the Rebecca Stafford Food Court. However, if an off-campus shop has more appeal to you, there are plenty of options near campus, including Offshore Coffee Co., Starbucks, Rook Coffee, and Odyssey Coffee.
  3. Bookstores
    Being surrounded by shelves lined with books can provide a special kind of ambience that makes you feel ready to take on any academic challenge that comes your way. By leaving your room and entering a bookstore, studying can feel less like a chore, especially when you bring friends along.
    One of the most popular bookstores to study at is Barnes & Noble. Located nine minutes away from campus and with a built in Starbucks coffee shop, the Eatontown Barnes & Noble is a perfect place to sit down and grind out some work. It usually doesn’t get too crowded, allowing the store to maintain some semblance of quiet while still providing the aesthetic background noises of turning pages and brewing coffee.
    “I like studying at Barnes & Noble because of the environment. It’s quiet enough for me to be productive while not getting distracted. There’s always other people working in there, and being around others who are doing work always makes me feel more motivated,” said Adriana Simancas, a junior marine and environmental biology and policy student.
  4. Outdoors
    Studying outdoors during the warmer months or the random warm day during the fall and winter seasons allows you to soak up a little Vitamin D and take in some fresh air while studying. Finding a nice outdoor table or bench on campus is perfect for students who feel unmotivated indoors and focus better outside.
    Einat Shayer, a junior marine and environmental biology and policy major, expressed, “I like studying outside to get some fresh air when I’m stressed. I enjoy the sounds of nature around me, like the chirping of birds and the rustling of trees. It keeps me focused and calm when I’m working.”
    According to the University of Arizona, studying outside can actually increase creativity and productivity, improve mood and health, and give students a natural energy boost. In fact, many professors have held some of their classes outside because of the marked improvement they see in their students.
  5. Campus Buildings
    Monmouth University has an abundance of study areas for students on the academic side of campus— such as the Great Hall, Edison Hall, and Plangere Hall— as well as the Rebecca Stafford Student Center.
    Simancas said, “One of my favorite study spaces on campus is Edison Hall. I like the small study rooms for when I want to have my own space or to study with a small group. The dry erase windows are a plus; they’re super helpful for reviewing material. However, the Great Hall is a close second for me because of the ambience.”
    Each campus building has its own unique study spaces; nonetheless, most buildings have computers and small study rooms or open seating areas that allow students to comfortably conduct their work individually or host group study sessions, making them great options for all Monmouth students, regardless of major.
    It’s important for students to find a study space that’s most appropriate for them in order to keep themselves as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Having a dedicated spot to study can bring about better-quality work and have a positive impact on students’ mental health during what’s typically a very stressful time.