Track Runs

Track Runs in the Family with Brandon Davis

Track and Field is right around the corner as winter sports are slowly approaching. When people think about Track and Field, they normally think of the running events. However, the throwing events such as shot put, hammer throw and discus are also staples of the sport.

Brandon Davis, a graduate student at Monmouth University is a member of the Track and Field team. Brandon comes from a family that has a history with the sport of Track and Field.

“This sport has been within my family for years and they passed it down to my brother and me. My parents had competed in track when they were in high school and college as well,” said Davis, “I began as a distance runner, over the years I transitioned to sprints and eventually to field events. The field events, especially throwing is where I would decide to specialize in middle school.

Davis focused mostly on shot put, discus and javelin in middle school and then made the transition to high school. Once he started competing at Monmouth, Davis added the weight throw and hammer throw into his training regimen as well.

According to Brandon, each event offers its own challenge and techniques that make them unique. When it comes to his favorite event he would have to go with the shotput.

“Shot put is an event that I have worked on for years with making constant adjustments to improve my technique. Just like many of the other events as well there is more to be worked on,” said Davis.

Brandon also said that since he is lacking in size compared to the other throwers he competes against, this motivated him to work even harder to make a statement with his performance.

The life of a student athlete is quite different from a regular student. Student athletes have the responsibility of balancing their schoolwork with their vigorous schedules. “Skills such as time management, responsibility, and accountability are developed when in college but especially when you are part of a college team. Using these opportunities and challenges that come with being a student athlete to grow only help us for our future careers,” said Davis.

After his time at Monmouth, Brandon will have his master’s degree. He is planning to go into law enforcement once he receives his degree.

“I have studied law enforcement for the last five years and obtained a minor in psychology as well,” said Davis. “As of now, I am looking at going into the local or state level.”

As a graduate student, Brandon has spent over four years at Monmouth University. As someone who has spent so much time at Monmouth, he has some advice to underclassman.

“Advice I would give to underclassmen and those being recruited here, is to make the most of your time here. Become the person you dream to be as you help others achieve their goals as well,” said Davis.”

Brandon’s throwing coach Christian Spaulding had nothing but praise for the graduate student. “Brandon’s time at Monmouth University has been filled with successful stories and moments both in the classroom and throwing circle,” said Spaulding. “From my perspective as his coach, he has developed into a resilient young man that is able to overcome obstacles and always take the positive approach in all situations.”

Brandon’s hard work has earned him All-Academic and All- Conference team honors. Spaulding said, “A thing I would like to add about Brandon is his mentality and ability to overcome adversity. After his time at Monmouth he will be recognized as one of the best to come through our Track and Field program,” said Spaulding.

PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth Athletics