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Dear Me…

If I were to write myself a letter to my future self it would consist of all the events that have taken place during this year. I know just like me, everyone has had to deal with a lot, some more than others. No matter what, everyone has something that they are battling. As my mom would tell my brother and me, you never know what someone else is going through.

For me personally, this has been a hard year and one that I will never forget. With that said, I have dealt with some personal things as well as trying to make sense of this pandemic.

To my future self,

First things first, I have made it all this way. When the pandemic hit, I was just finishing up my spring semester of senior year. The pandemic was everlasting, and schools had to shut down for the rest of the year. I never would have imagined this was how my senior year would end. It was very upsetting for all.

We both know I do not like change at all and this was a major cultural shock. My last semester at Monmouth University was the same as the spring, all classes were done remotely. It was a bummer to end the final months of college this way, but we did it. I could not be on campus or really see any of my classmates. The schoolwork part was very difficult for me to juggle especially having to work while taking four classes. Thankfully, my professors were very supportive and helpful with assignments and classwork.

It was challenging for me to be able to manage my time wisely between all of my classes. However, I made it out on the other side and graduated by January from Monmouth. Living during a pandemic and being a college student was not easy, but I did it. Living through a global pandemic definitely opened my eyes. Seeing firsthand how this pandemic went, many people suffered, and some ended up dying. I was very worried about what would happen and what was going to happen going forward with the pandemic. I realized my family and friends were all healthy and that there was one big takeaway from the pandemic. The takeaway was how lucky and grateful I was for my loved ones’ wellbeing.

The pandemic came out of nowhere and no one was prepared. However, I think it showed us at the time the true meaning of how life should be spent. One day things can change, people you never thought would be gone, passed away in just a quick instant. The pandemic lead to realizations for some people, just like myself. Life should be cherished each day because you never know if you will see it tomorrow.

I am looking forward to seeing now what the future will hold for me and everyone else. I hope our world gets back to some form of normal one day.


Photo Courtesy of Monmouth University