Ways to Give

Ways to Give Back This Holiday

The holidays are right around the corner! While this holiday may be celebrated differently than years past, it is still a time of year to appreciate what you have, and to give back to your community.

Now more than ever the community you know could be in danger of change because of COVID-19. Since the quarantine, small businesses have had difficulty getting back on their feet, and some have had to go out of business. Many local thrift stores, coffee shops and sporting goods stores are going out of business because they were deemed nonessential places of work during the quarantine period and now do not have the funds to remain open.

While there are a few local stores that have been fortunate enough to stay open, many local business and restaurant owners fear for the upcoming winter and the possibility of a second quarantine in the new year.

With the rise of COVID-19 cases across America, it may cause another lockdown which could be detrimental for small businesses.

Restaurants have been limited to mostly outdoor dining and take out. Restaurants are not allowed to have indoor dining, and with the weather becoming colder by the day there have been fewer and fewer people going out for dining and choosing to order take out instead. 

While it is very unfortunate that locally owned businesses and restaurants are going out of business, our support might help.

Though these are still scary and uncertain times it doesn’t mean you can’t give back to your community and spread positivity in a time of negativity.

Some ways that you could give back to your community are by spreading the word about a locally owned businesses or restaurant.

You can donate clothes that don’t fit you or that you don’t wear to thrift stores or to the goodwill. You could go to a local soup kitchen and help the homeless and less fortunate. Although going to a soup kitchen during the COVID-19 pandemic can be risky think about the people who don’t have a home, money, or anything to eat for the upcoming winter. If being on the streets wasn’t bad enough coronavirus doesn’t make circumstances any easier.

If you care about your community and the people apart of it the least you can do is try to help them any way you can.

This year has certainly been a crazy one, and who knows what will happen after this upcoming winter but as long as we have each other and help one another, we will make it through this upcoming winter and this pandemic.

Remember everyone is tackling coronavirus in their own way. This holiday season please give back to your community because it could change drastically after this upcoming winter, and your community needs you now the most more than ever.


GRAPHIC TAKEN from Lily & Val Living