Summer is Right Around the Corner

Summer is one of the best seasons. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the nights are longer. There are so many things to look forward to in the summer, like bonfires, boardwalks, piers, and all the ice cream you can eat.

And who can forget the best part of it all? School is out! Something I tend to enjoy during the summer is a relaxing road trip. My family and I drive to New York and rent an Airbnb and spend a large portion of our vacation at Coney Island. We have water balloon fights and the best cookouts on the block.

Wow, I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it! A conversation that usually comes up when speaking about summer is summer plans. So, what’s so exciting about summer? Let’s find out!
Nedeshka Ruiz, a sophomore marine and environmental biology and policy student, is looking forward to the break away from classes. She said, “I am excited about working more so I can save up and possibly go to other states.”

The lack of school-related stress is something I am sure most students look forward to in the summer as it allows them to focus on other things, such as working. Fareedat Adeleke, a sophomore biology student, likewise looks forward to getting the coin and traveling.

She feels that the more money she makes, the better chance she will have at spoiling herself. When it comes to the traveling, she explained that she would like to do it if she has the right amount of money. “Sometimes at the end of August, around my sister and my mom’s birthday, we take a little road trip to a few places.”

Securing an internship seems to be the popular work preference, as emphasized by Jenifer Yax-Monroy, a sophomore biology student. She said, “I want to find something in my range of study.”

Kia Womack, a sophomore English major, is also focused on her future goals. She wants to save money while enjoying the nice weather.

She plans to be productive and look for internships as well. Womack shared, “I want to get an idea for my career path and sort of have an idea for a career path and what I want to do after college.”

She is part of a program from her time in high school that follows up with graduates about possible internship opportunities. She explained, “I would like to take an online internship, but if I could go in person that could work.” Nonetheless, her main priority is to have some type of work the free time she has to spare.

It seems like the students at Monmouth will be busy this summer! Regardless, we wish you a restful vacation and the best of luck in reaching your goals.