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No Weed for Thee

With marijuana now legal in New Jersey, it calls to question what right a location has to ban the substance. Many private properties such as colleges, stores, and hotels have made it clear that the smoking of the substance will not be permitted on a property’s respective premises. While this may seem unreasonable to people who have waited a very long time for marijuana to be legal in the state of New Jersey, private properties are entitled to make these decisions.

Private institutions hold their own policies, and have the right to tell their customers or students what they can and cannot do on their property. When it comes to private places, more often than not, you must sign a contract agreeing to their terms and conditions. If you partake in smoking weed while on their property, you are breaking the contract.

Not smoking on private property can also be seen as a courtesy to other people. While some people may enjoy smoking weed, there are plenty of people who do not. The only reason I believe people should be able to smoke weed on private property is if they have a medical condition. I know many people who have illnesses that might benefit from the usage. I feel that private properties should make an exception for people who have medical conditions, as long as people provide proof of their medical condition.

When weed became legal a few months ago, Monmouth University was quick to respond, stating that the smoking of marijuana on campus or at University-owned properties will not be permitted. Any consumption or possession of weed is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

While the University has made their stance on weed abundantly clear, this is what I mean by allowing people who have a medical condition to show proof that smoking weed helps them, and improves their quality of life.

While the law has been passed for a few months, there are still going to be universities and businesses that will not permit the smoking of marijuana anywhere near their respective facilities; however, things could change in the upcoming years.

I am sure there will be people who push for usage of marijuana because it is technically legal in the state of New Jersey. However, I personally feel that private businesses are entitled to the rules that they establish for the safety and health of other people.

Smoking marijuana is not for everyone; some people highly benefit from it while others do not want anything to do for it. People who smoke weed need to be respectful of others around them and not abuse the freedom that many have been waiting years for. On the other side, people who do not smoke need to respect people’s decision to smoke and not judge them harshly for their decision.


PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth University