Thank You 2

Thank You, Professor Morano!

Dear Prof,

The first time I met you was at the Mondays at Monmouth event. I was lucky enough to sit in on your class and witness the true passion you had as a professor. After class you took the time to sit with all the high school seniors who attended, answered any questions, and shared your contact information. From that moment I knew Monmouth was for me, and I knew I had found an incredible mentor. Thank you so much for inspiring me and so many other students during your time as Outlook advisor. You’ve truly created a network of editors who care for one another and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. We’ll miss you! -Danielle Schipani ‘17

So much of who I am and what I’ve accomplished is a reflection of your teachings, guidance and constant support. You are so much more than just a professor to me: you are a mentor, role model and fatherly figure. Thank you for your impact on my life, Prof, and for grooming me from a student/editor to now a professor myself, full-time professional and (hopefully) author one day. Your legacy in the newsroom will forever live on not just within these walls and papers, but within each journalist’s hearts. -Brianna McCabe, MBA ‘15 & ‘19


When I first walked into your Intro to Journalism class my sophomore year, I never could have imagined how much you and The Outlook would impact me. Your expertise in the field of journalism has inspired me from day one. Over the years, you have become my biggest mentor, helping me grow into the journalist I am today. You have left an imprint on The Outlook, and your students, that will never be erased. -Melissa Badamo ‘21Thank You 1


Professor Morano has been the backbone of The Outlook as long as I can remember. Always available, and always an immense support to his students; he has personified what it means to be an excellent educator and advisor. His gift lies in his ability to pull the best out of his students while still allowing them to produce autonomous and unique work as individuals. His attention to detail and what it means to ask the ‘right’ questions, and his emphasis on unearthing truths are lessons that have inspired me personally to become a better journalist and I’ve taken them with me well-past graduation day. He has taught me not just how to be a good journalist, but how to excel in professional life. What is unique about Morano’s approach to advising is he has provided tools that are valuable outside of the classroom. By instructing without governing, he has allowed his students to rise to their full potential and to become self-reliant. He will always be part of what has made The Outlook such a joy to be a part of and has given so many students who have come through this organization the skills not only to succeed but to triumph. -Courtney Buell ‘18


Prof – “Be fair and tell the truth.” That was the mantra in everything we published in The Outlook. Well here’s me telling the truth, I never thought I’d see the day that the Outlook moderator would be someone else. It just wouldn’t make sense. Between being in your class, serving on the editorial staff, and the mentoring sessions we’ve shared over the years, my college experience would never be the same. Thank you Prof for everything. Enjoy the next part of the adventure “Out there, somewhere.” -Chris Orlando, MPP ‘14 & ‘16


Thank you for coaching the team at The Outlook for the last 32 years. It was one of my favorite teams that I have been a part of and you will certainly go down as the winningest coach in paper history. Through your courses, our weekly meetings, and long nights in the newsroom, I learned what it means to be a journalist. Thank you for everything that you have given to us at The Outlook, including Bubbakoos. -Caroline Mattise ‘20Thank You 3


The man, the myth, the Morano. Up until now I thought the only guarantees in life were death, taxes and Professor Morano advising The Outlook. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity you gave me to not only become a part of The Outlook, but to also have faith in me to run the paper my senior year. Thank you for all the valuable writing, journalism and life lessons you taught me along the way. You helped fuel the fire that is my love of writing and it’s a fire that still burns today. Cheers to your next chapter. – Brett Bodner ‘13


Professor Morano means so much to me, it’s hard to know where to start. The first thing that comes to mind is sitting in his Feature Writing class during a Mondays at Monmouth. He took time to talk to me after class and, even though I was going to Community College first, I knew this was the guy that I wanted to lead me in college. I transferred to Monmouth three years later and, with Morano as my advisor, began the best two years of my life (still to this day). It was quite a ride for those two years. I could only imagine the impact this man has had on students that worked for The Outlook over the last 32 years. Thank you, Prof. It’s hard to imagine The Outlook without you.”-John Sorce ‘17


Professor Morano will always be someone I remember fondly and with gratitude during my time with The Outlook. He was an incredible mentor and someone who provided me with such a strong foundation and the tools to succeed in my journalism career. He was engaging and always encouraged our staff to think outside the box, and I always appreciated his wisdom and stories he shared from his own career. I looked forward to our weekly post-mortem reviews of each Outlook issue, and he helped me grow as a student and as a leader, and was contagious in fueling our passion for journalism. -Gina (Columbus) Mauro ‘12


 PHOTO COURTESY of Danielle Schipani

PHOTO COURTESY of Courtney Buell

PHOTO COURTESY of Brett Bodner