Seasons Change

“September, Halloween,  Thanksgiving, Christmas. That is how I categorize the last few months of the year. Some people say summer ends on Labor Day, others say it ends when school starts, and some say it is at the fall equinox on Sept. 21.

When I was younger, Labor Day was what ended summer for me. It was so clear that after the Labor Day BBQ, summer was over and it was time to gear up for school. I would start going to bed earlier, waking up at a normal time, and following a normal schedule. I would start getting my school supplies ready and my brain would shift gears from summer to school. 

As I got older, the end of summer was no longer Labor Day, but rather the first day of school. When I was older, I was able to stay out with friends longer. I no longer had to practice waking up and going to bed earlier. School became the end of summer because I was no longer able to spend all the time I wanted with my friends and family. I had responsibilities that I had to attend to before I was able to be with friends. At that point, to me, school ended summer because it took away my fun. I had to become hyper aware of my time and what I wanted to do with it. 

In college, the end of summer was neither the first day of classes nor Labor Day. It wasn’t even the fall equinox. It was when the weather changed from hot and sunny to sweater weather. No matter what, summer was the time for poolside chitchat. It ends when it goes from relaxing in the sun to staying indoors having a movie marathon. I would use any excuse to keep summer year-round, but that isn’t possible. So, the truth is, as long as I can go for a walk on the beach or dangle my legs in the pool while doing homework, I still consider that summer.

Summer to me is not just about the warm weather. It is a state of mind. Summer allows you to relax and not overstress yourself. When school starts, people often forget to relax and take time for themselves. So as long as you can relax and keep your studies up, I don’t see any reason for summer to end. 

The fall equinox is just a date. It doesn’t change the weather, and it doesn’t take away summer. Summer is a time for fun, and the way I see it is we are the ones who decide when that is over. Summer does not just need to be physical; it can be the way you think and what you do. The end of summer and start of fall is whatever you make it to be. Eventually the weather will change and so will we, but we might as well make the most of it while we can.