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Alpha Omicron Pi Launches “Sister Stickers” Campaign

Beginning Monday Nov. 29, Monmouth University’s Iota Theta chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi will be launching their new and ongoing philanthropy fundraiser, Sister Stickers. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise proceeds for their national philanthropy, the Arthritis Foundation.
Sister Stickers will allow members of the sorority to create and design stickers for upload on Redbubble, an online marketplace for print-on-demand products. Gianna Piroso, Alpha Omicron Pi’s Vice President of Community Relations ,is the creator of the campaign. She said, “The idea of Sister Stickers stemmed from the desire to give our sorority sisters a creative outlet for a cause.”
Piroso explained that many sisters of the Iota Theta chapter have hidden artistic talents. She said, “I wanted to create a fundraiser that could benefit both The Arthritis Foundation and the creativity of our girls.”
Each sticker will be sold for two dollars on the organization’s Redbubble page. The stickers that will be sold will not just be Alpha Omicron Pi related, but will also feature creative designs, inspirational quotes, and more.
All of the proceeds will be donated to The Arthritis Foundation. Dianelys Garcia serves as the chapter’s Director of Philanthropy. Garcia, who has a personal connection to the cause, said, “Sister Stickers is a fun, new and exciting fundraiser that can motivate others to support a cause worth fighting for, like Arthritis. No matter if you buy one sticker or 100, your involvement does not go unnoticed…With small fundraisers to show support, we can take small steps in order to end the fight with Arthritis.”
Piroso explained that she has high hopes for the campaign. She said, “I wanted to create this fundraiser on a larger scale in which literally anyone on Redbubble could buy a sticker and their money would be used for good. This will be an ongoing fundraiser with new stickers always being added so that the donation possibilities are limitless.”
If you are interested in buying stickers and supporting Alpha Omicron Pi and the Arthritis Foundation, check out their Instagram, @aoii_mu.