New Year’s Resolutions: Are they Worth it?

With 2022 just around the corner, many are already making plans for the new year. It’s considered a tradition to create a New Year’s resolution and hopefully get it in done in 365 days. For some the idea of creating a goal to enter into a New Year’s exciting, however, others don’t see its value.

Rebecca Seubert, a junior social work student, said, “Most people make unrealistic resolutions and do not actually follow through on the resolutions…Why wait until a new year to start doing something you want to do? Just start now.”

Communication Professor Lisa Allocco-Russo shared similar views, stating that she does see the value in New Year’s resolutions. “It’s never too late to work on our personal growth. Our new beginning doesn’t have to start on January 1. It can commence on one’s birthday or any day we wake up and say, ‘Today’s the day!’ Being hopeful is always a winning strategy.”

On the other hand, some find beauty in New Year’s resolution and what it can symbolize.
Junior communication student, Mackenna Anderson, said that her New Year’s Resolution is to focus more of her time on self-care. “I work way too much and too hard and barely leave any time for myself.” After a year full of such hard work and dedication to her responsibilities in life, this resolution is her way of having a fresh start in 2022.

The same goes for Gabrielle Eyrich, a junior social work student who wishes to focus more on themself after the busy year they had. Along with self-care, Eyrich explained that her New Year’s Resolution is, “To put [herself] first, to not let people walk all over me and use me, to stand up for myself, and to not let others dictate how I feel or what I do.”

It is no lie that 2021 presented itself with many challenges, and it’s important to take some time to reflect about things in your life that were great and others that were not so great. Whether you decide to make a resolution or not, analyze what was missing in your life this year so that next year it’ll be much better. For example, if self-care was not your strength this year, decide to practice it in 2022 so that you a give it your all throughout the semester. Going on walks, exercising, journaling, or even sleeping are some of the many ways to practice self-care in the new year.

Another “resolution” that can be made is to focus your energy into spending time doing things you love and hanging out with those people that make you the happiest. If there is anything these past two years have taught us, it’s that life is too short. Don’t waste time doing things you don’t like or spending time with people that don’t value you; rather, jump into the new year with the mentality to do everything you that have in mind.

Whether you believe in New Year’s Resolution or not, go into 2022 with the mindset that you’ll accomplish whatever you set your mind to, and work hard for it. You have the power to write your own future, so make it a good one.