Shopping Tips for Broke Students

The time has come! The holiday season has already started, and you suddenly remember that you are supposed to be giving everyone gifts. Many people will check their calendars and quickly set into panic shopping mode, but let’s all take a deep breath and avoid buying unnecessary filler presents. Now, it is important to remember that no matter what holiday you celebrate or who you are buying for, the important aspect of gift giving is to make sure your gifts are heartfelt and useful. This will save your recipients from receiving gifts they do not want or need, as well as saving you money.

It comes as no surprise that college students don’t have a lot of free cash to spend, especially in the holiday season. Thanksgiving break can deliver a major blow to savings and often a gift budget comes as an afterthought, one that only arises deep into the major holidays. For this reason, this article will focus on gifts available for under 25 dollars and do-it-yourself gifts.

If you are someone who is already used to ordering packages online, that style of gifts is right up your alley. Again, you have to know what would be useful for the person you are shopping for. If you know the person is in need of some technological accessories, cable savers are always a great option. This twirl around the end of charging cables to protect them from fraying ends. You can also buy an outlet extender, which allows for USB chargers and regular wall inserts. Some models also add a little shelf to put small electronics like AirPods or phones while they charge.

There are also some good options on the internet for the foodies in our lives. Quick snacks like popcorn are a fan favorite among college students. A popcorn popper is a useful no-brainer type of gift, and when you factor in the money you save by purchasing bulk popcorn and a popper, this gift gets even better. Another accessory to this gift could be some fun popcorn toppings, like caramel or even a spicy option like cayenne pepper, which would take this gift to the next level while staying under 25 dollars.

The next food-oriented item on this list is a coffee press for all of our caffeinated loved ones. Coffee presses have been touted as giving a more intense flavor profile and a smoother drinking experience, all while saving space on your counter.

For our creative gift givers, there are always the DIY options. For example, potpourri is becoming incredibly popular and is super easy to make. If you happen to have access to an oven, this gift will be even quicker. For a typical potpourri recipe, one only needs to dry a couple of orange slices and package in a mason jar with cinnamon stick, cloves and, for added kick, some cranberries. Those in dorms can microwave this with some water for a fun, dorm-safe scent boost. Those in private homes could stick it on the stove in steadily simmering water. If you provide your recipient with all the necessary ingredients, you could have a good time putting it together.

Our last option is handwarmers, which are perfect for friends who are somehow always cold. For this, you just have to sew a little pocket of any aesthetically pleasing fabric you can get your hands on and fill it with dry before sewing closed. Again, to have a little more fun you can add some essential oil, like lavender or mint, to add a pleasant scent to the warmers.

These quick and easy options can save any college student who is struggling to get their gift list complete