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Best Places to Study on Campus

College coursework can become extremely stressful. Between discussion boards for a class you’re not particularly fond of, exam after exam, and never-ending chapters to read from your $200 textbook, it’s hard to know where to start. Sometimes, you just have to hone in on your work and simply… Get. It. Done. But how can you do that in your cramped dorm room while your roommate is snoring and your huge pile of dirty laundry is glaring at you from the corner? Unless you have an incredible work ethic, you probably can’t. So, here are the top five best places to sit back, relax, and study here on campus.

1. The Res-Quad

Right in the center of the residential side of campus is the res-quad. When there’s not a festival during the day or a late-night event going on, the res-quad is a super chill place to get some work done. With tables scattered throughout the luscious green field, you can sit peacefully and focus on your schoolwork as the day goes by.

Nicholas Santo, a freshman biochemistry student, explained, “I love sitting in the breeze and getting my work done. I feel like I can breathe and not feel overstimulated, like I would feel in my dorm room at times.”

2. Guggenheim Memorial Library

Every academic institution has a library, but Monmouth’s Guggenheim Memorial Library is a place you should be taking advantage of. The library has an interesting system in place: as you go up each floor, it gets quieter.

The first floor is a more casual setting, where you can work with others without having to be completely silent. The third floor is meant to be completely silent, a place you can use for solo

study sessions when you really need to buckle down on work. The second floor serves as the middle ground between the two. Each floor also has study rooms, which you can reserve for a time slot of your choice.

Every floor has its own set of computers, installed with Monmouth’s very own library database. In the midst of writing an essay, the database is an essential tool to guide you in finding school-approved scholarly sources.

3. Rebecca Stafford Student Center

The Student Center, also known as the “Stu,” is one of the more popular spots on campus. It’s located in the middle of all of the academic buildings, making it an exemplary place to visit between classes. The Student Center is huge, with a plethora of tables and couches to lounge on. Whether you come alone or with friends, it’s the ideal setting to sit down, whip out your laptop, and study for your next exam.

But how are you going to study without some brain food? Sure, Kraft mac & cheese is fine, but after the fourth day, it gets pretty old. Good thing the Student Center has its own food court.

The food court has multiple options to choose from: Forte Pizza, Simply Salads, Sono Bowls, The Grill, and Jersey Mikes. If you are not craving a huge meal, the food court also offers a Grab N Go section with tons of snacks to satisfy your cravings. And, of course, Dunkin Donuts is a tried-and-true option!

4. The Great Hall

To no surprise, the Great Hall makes the top of the list by a long shot. What better place to study than in a huge mansion? Constructed in the 1920s, the Great Hall’s Beaux-Arts architecture captivates the eye more than any building on campus. Once you step inside, the

gorgeous interior design is the first thing to greet you. The light from the beautiful stained glass ceiling shines through and really allows you to take in how big this building truly is.

Madison Fairhurst, a freshman psychology student, commented, “Coming to the Great Hall always keeps me productive with my schoolwork, and I’m always faced with a beautiful view. I even go just to relax sometimes.”

Parson’s Café, which is located on the first floor, is a cute little spot where you can grab a muffin or an iced chai latte to go about your studies. Studying in the Great Hall really feels like you’re studying in your very own dark academia daydream.

Keep in mind that college is not all about social events. Maintaining a balance between having fun and keeping up with your academics is the key to success. Take advantage of these on-campus spaces and remember, DO NOT STRESS! You’ve got this semester in the bag.