Thoughts on Valentines Day

Coming very soon is the annual celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day on Monday, Feb. 14. Personally, I think this is a frivolous holiday. Maybe I am just biased for being single my entire life, but I see no value in this day.

It seems to be a money grab for expensive wine, overrated candy, overpriced steak dinners at the bistro, and the unnecessary glorification of sex. I get that February is a miserable month and people need to find something to look forward to – it’s in the middle of the cold winter and not much happens except this and the Super Bowl.

February is also in the middle of two festive holidays that I and so many others cherish – Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. I think we should just focus on St. Patrick’s Day for the entire month instead.

If you are single like me, it can feel weird when you want to hang out with your friends but you cannot because they are all busy with their significant other. Granted, most of the time this holiday happens during the week, so the weekend is usually still open. Regardless, it could still be disappointing just sitting at home doing nothing.

I have no disrespect to Saint Valentine, I think he still deserves recognition. He was a Roman bishop in the 300’s who was killed for his Christian faith during a time when freedom of religion was highly restricted. He was an inspiring hero for standing up for his faith, but I do not like how his holiday has become commercialized.

Instead of glamorizing one day, we should just act on the message of love every day of the year. We could always work on being more loving to our friends, family, strangers, acquaintances, managers, professors, etc. You never know, one good act or word could brighten somebody’s day.

For those who do celebrate, my recommendation for couples is this: forget about the “pressures” of this holiday and have fun. I was never the person to enjoy fancy places or restaurants. That “special night” is what anniversaries are for, not some holiday about an old dude from eons ago.

Going out to the movie theater is always a fun idea for this holiday. Although I have not gone since 2019, I have always enjoyed going to see an exciting movie at the cinema. This is an especially fun idea for during the winter when the weather is not ideal.

This time of the year is also known for competitive hockey and basketball games on television. There are so many fun restaurants in West End and Asbury Park to catch the games with your date or your friends for the holiday. If you are not into sports, there are many activities to do at the nearby Monmouth Mall. Since most people will be out to dinner, this would be an opportune time to shop and explore.

Even though it’s colder out, it would not be a bad idea to take a nature walk with your date or friends. You might catch a colorful sunset if you walk the Long Branch Boardwalk in the evening.

In addition, if you walk near the beach during low tide you might be able to see some seals. This time of the year, especially at Sandy Hook, is when many of these adorable marine mammals come down before heading up north again in late March.

Whatever your plans are, I want to wish you a happy St. Valentine’s Day.