Valentine’s Day: A Classic Hallmark Holiday

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, the palpable urge of people who do not have a significant other to splurge on them becomes the center of many conversations and social media feeds.

Around this time of year, we all hear that one friend saying stuff like, “the only person I have a date with tonight is Don Draper from Mad Men.”

Realistically, that is the only date that anyone should be looking for because Valentine’s Day sucks for so many reasons.

First, this Hallmark Holiday is a self-esteem steamroller for so many girls and boys, and it is so problematic. Unfortunately, the society we live in places a lot of value on a picturesque Valentine’s Day.

Watching people place their worth into overpriced boxes of chocolate as a result is kind of heartbreaking, but more than anything – unnecessary.

Also, the average college student is pretty strapped for cash. According to a 2016 Time Magazine article, the 55 percent of Americans that acknowledge the holiday spend about $146 on average. Just to put that cost into perspective, a textbook can cost around that much.

It would be so beneficial to take the focus off this holiday that only exists to pad the pockets of the candy, jewelry, and flower industry.

But honestly, can someone please explain to me why we are letting this day get us down? Realistically, this day is a pink and red capitalist scheme to dictate how you should feel about yourself.

Do not let the prerogative of an industry made to sell material things tell you about your romantic life; let your actions, heart, and beautiful self do that.

On a completely less deep, mildly related note – if those boxes of chocolate do not come with a map that indicates flavor for each piece I, and many others, reserve the right to press our fingers in the bottom of each one to determine if it is edible by our chocolate standards.

Chances are, that I, and many others, will only eat two from the box whoever literally spent fifteen bucks on. I am sincerely sorry if you enjoy that creamy pink stuff wrapped in the deceptive delicious dark chocolate shell, but the rest of us feel mislead.

I also feel like whoever is profiting from Valentine’s Day is best friends with a dentist because that some of those candies could actually pull out a filling.

In the spirit of being the hater you all love, there is one poignant thing that goes above everything else: If you are in a relationship, why is Valentine’s Day the only special day? You and your partner should be constantly showering one another with love and affection.

The main reason I hate this day is because for some, unluckily this is the only time that their intimate partner displays love that they should be getting every single day.

Maintaining a relationship involves work, time, patience and a million special days, not just one.

For everyone—enjoy the company of those who you love and those who love you every single day. Don’t let the hype of this Hallmark holiday engulf your thoughts and wallet.