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Monmouth’s Sports Industry Club Traveled to Boston, MA

Monmouth’s Sports Industry Club (SIC) traveled to Boston, Massachusetts from Tuesday, Nov. 29 to Thursday, Dec. 1. to network with professionals and athletes of major sports teams, namely the Bruins and Celtics.

Haider Husaini, President of SIC and junior marketing student, was at the forefront of organizing the trip for his club.

As perpetuated by the club’s executive board, this experiential learning opportunity directly relates to the greater mission of the club.

“Our goal is to acclimate likeminded students with a network of accomplished individuals in the sports world, thereby putting them in the best possible position to receive career advice, internship experience, and, ultimately, land jobs post-graduation,” began Husaini.

According to Husaini, SIC’s trip to Boston is a culmination of what the club has worked for as planning had begun during the middle of the 2022 Spring semester.

“It was a wonderful experience to put this together. To see everything we had worked for and imagined come to fruition was nothing short of a blessing,” explained Husaini, “Our advisor, Dr. Matthew Harmon was kind enough to drive us to the city in the MU Athletics van. I speak for everyone in SIC when I say how truly appreciative we are for all of his effort.”

The trip enabled students to attend a Bruins-Lightning game, a tour of TD Gardens, a panel discussion with front office professionals of the Bruins and Celtics, a Celtics-Heat game, and tour of Fenway Park.

“My experience on the Boston trip was incredible. There was so much history to learn about both the city and the sports teams. We also got to hear from employees of the Bruins and Celtics, similar to our zoom meetings, and built great connections with them,” said Nicholas Auer, a senior marketing student.

Bryan Derr, a senior communication student and social media coordinator for the club, concurred, “I have done very little traveling in my life, so being in Boston for the first time was eye-opening. The city is an amazing place, and Haider, Luca, and Dr. Harmon worked incredibly hard to have a full itinerary of things to do and places to see.”

He added, “While we were able to see games and visit places like Fenway Park, my favorite part of the trip of would have to be the panel discussion with professionals from the Celtics and Bruins. They all provided tips and insight on how we can build our respective careers based on their experiences breaking into the industry. I will hold onto all the help they gave us for the rest of my professional career.”

“The Boston trip with the Sports Industry Club was definitely one of my most memorable experiences in my time at Monmouth,” said Addison Morse, a senior marketing student and the club’s digital creator.

“I had so much fun learning more about the sports industry and attending these games, and this trip even helped me learn more about myself. I am more than excited to take part in this club’s next trip, and I highly recommend everyone to take advantage of these experiences throughout college.”

“It’s important to have these experiences in college, because we are all still trying to figure out who we are and what career we want to pursue,” said Luca Morello, Vice President of SIC and junior marketing student.

The SIC also has regular Tuesday evening meetings where guest speakers visit campus and describe their experiences within the industry. These guests range from sports agents to team videographers, advertising creatives, social media managers, and broadcasters.

Morello concluded, “Because of my participation in the club, I am grateful to have the opportunity to speak and network with great sports professionals from some of the largest companies in the sports industry, like Bleacher Report, Wasserman, NBA, NFL, Madison Square Garden and more.”