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President’s Welcome Back Message

Dear Students:

Just before the end of our break and the beginning of the spring semester, we celebrated the graduation of the most recent class of Hawks, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. Joining our students at commencement always fills me with pride— and the ceremony is a reminder that our winter graduates were not marking the end of their time at Monmouth, but rather, the beginning of something new.

Almost to a person, each of our graduates expressed a similar sentiment— that it all went by so quickly. So no matter where you are in your own path to graduation, especially students who are new to Monmouth this spring, I hope you will avail yourself of every possible on-campus and extracurricular opportunity that you can.

Sign up for career fairs and professional development programs. Attend lectures and events with special guest speakers, and find time to enjoy performing arts presentations and gallery exhibitions. Cheer on your favorite teams— or take advantage of our extraordinary location with a walk near the ocean. I promise you’ll thank me later, because sooner than you think, your own academic journey will include a ceremony launching you into the next phase of your life and career.

I do have one important favor to ask as we begin the semester; while the COVID-19 health crisis continues to recede from the forefront of our daily lives, we are seeing a rise in other transmissible illnesses increase in our region. So by all means, go out and get involved with our campus and community, but please do it safely and carefully. It takes each of us to help keep all of us healthy.

We are so happy to have you back and are excited for a terrific semester ahead.

Dr. Patrick F. Leahy