eBooks vs. Real Books

In this age of technological advancement, anything a person could want or need is available at the tip of their fingers. Media consumption, whether it is via books or movies, is almost instantaneous.

In past years we have seen the popularity of e-readers on the rise, such as Kindles and Nooks. Even tablets like iPads have a bookstore to purchase reading material. This has raised the question as to which medium is better, hard-copy books or e-readers.

With the use of eBooks on the rise, the need for hand-held paperbacks is almost inconsequential. Books not only literally tell stories but do so figuratively as well. For example, a beaten up copy of Catcher in the Rye tells of J.D. Sallinger’s timeless storyline and how his narrative is appreciated from generations today.

There is truly nothing like the smell and feel of a new book’s fresh crisp. Of course, there is an instant gratification associated with accessing books online from any device; however, reading a real book helps the story come to life.

In addition, using traditional books gives the eyes a break from staring at a screen all day. Almost every moment of the day, we are glued to our phones, laptops, and tablets. Picking up a hard copy of a book can be the escape someone needs.

Juniors Mckayla Dottery and Lindsey Leonard shared their love for reading hard copy books. Leonard explained, “I use reading as a way to disconnect myself from reality and physically reading a book is what truly helps me connect to the characters.” Dottery agreed, “eBooks strain my eyes and cause me to lose focus on what I am actually reading. Hard copies keep me engaged.”

While eBooks are convenient, a screen cannot always help you feel the depth of what you are reading as an actual copy of a book would.