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Hershey: The Champs of Candy

As we draw closer and closer to Halloween, the one and only commercial king of the season is candy. Although there are countless candy companies around the globe that leave their mark on sweet-toothed folks near and far, none compare to the excellence of The Hershey

Company. The Hershey Company owns a variety of prosperous and delicious candy brands, making them not only a household name but the best candy manufacturer to date. For goodness sake, they even have their own theme park!

When people hear about Hershey as a company, the first and most obvious products they might think of are Hershey’s chocolate bars and kisses. However, Hershey actually owns other brands that are just as popular, including Kit Kat, Reese’s, Twizzlers, Jolly Rancher, and others.

Between its various brands, there is something for everyone at Hershey. If you like the simple and deliciously sweetened taste of a vintage piece of chocolate, Hershey offers one of the most delectable and simple bars of chocolate out there.

For the peanut butter junkies, Reese’s is the perfect option. This candy cup offers a taste of chocolate with a yummy burst of peanut butter.

Daniel Gruseke, a junior communication student, elaborated, “A Reese’s peanut butter cup is the closest thing to perfection in the world of candy. The combination of the salty peanut butter and the sweet chocolate is unmatched.”

If you are someone who is looking for chocolate with a crunch to it, Kit Kat is an excellent option. These wafers covered in the chocolate provide the crunch Kit Kat fans love. Jason LaCosta, a sophomore real estate student, added, “Kit Kat bars are awesome. The chocolate with a wafery crunch is phenomenal.”

Even non-chocolate eaters can enjoy The Hershey Company’s brands. As discussed before, the company also owns products like Twizzler and Jolly Rancher, which are non-chocolate-based candies. Twizzlers are a product that gives candy likers the licorice-styled taste and texture they are looking for. The brand has flavors such as strawberry, cherry, and watermelon. For hard candy lovers, Jolly Ranchers are spectacular! Just like Twizzlers, they offer numerous flavors to appeal to the broad and diverse audience of the candy-eating world.

It is not ordinary for a typical company, let alone a candy company to have its own theme park! Nonetheless, 155 miles from Monmouth University in Hershey, Pennsylvania lies Hershey Park. This is a family-friendly theme park that includes a wide variety of amusement rides, entertainment, and, of course, delicious treats for all ages. Along with rollercoasters and dark rides, the property also has a large waterpark.

Chris Arp, a junior communication student, described, “The waterpark at Hershey Park was awesome, there were a lot of water slides and many activities everywhere around the area.”

Jack Bella, a junior communication student, agreed with Arp, “The rides at Hershey Park were fun. There was a thing at the park where I made my own custom chocolate bar. Also, there is a tour that takes you through the history of Hershey.”

The products made by The Hershey Company are top-tier in the candy industry. The reliable taste of these products ranges from classically sweet milk chocolate bars to sour hard candy that never disappoints. The Hershey Company provides a product for taste buds of all types. Also, the fact that the company has its own theme park is the cherry on top that accentuates Hershey’s greatness. This Halloween, consider yourself lucky if you get a Hershey product in your candy basket!