Students’ Thoughts on Fall Break

Already a month into the semester with midterms in full swing, fall break is just around the corner, giving students a chance to relax, enjoy time off of school, and catch up on their assignments. The Monmouth University Residential Halls close at 6 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 13. From then until Oct. 17, no classes will take place. Classes will be back in session on Oct. 18.

“I’m looking forward to fall break because it’s a time to decompress, go home or stay on campus and have time for yourself, or even to catch up on work. I personally think that it’s the best part of October,” finance major Tatiana Romero stated. She plans on utilizing her time off to relax and spend time with her family, who she hasn’t seen in a few weeks due to how busy she’s been since the semester started.
Biology major Fareedat Adeleke agrees that fall break gives her the opportunity to relax and catch up on assignments in her classes. “With midterms currently happening, it gives me a chance to study and take some time to understand notes that confuse me,” she said. Having fall break in the middle of midterms, a period in which exams and tests are crucial, helps students focus and feel more prepared to pass. Adeleke added that she sees the break as beneficial since it serves as an opportunity for students to get through the semester smoothly by using the free time to do some work.

Jenifer Yax, a biology major, is thrilled for the long-awaited break in order to indulge in some self-care. “I plan on taking it easy, and maybe even working a little bit, too, since I have the time off,” Yax said. She mentioned a key point to which many students resonate with: “Although it’s nice to have those few days off, it’s also dreadful to know that I have to return to the excessive workload.” Yax sees the break as two-sided: a way to relax, but also a way to fall out of the flow of school.

Romero added to Yax’s point, “I’ve heard people say that since break is technically two days, it should be at least three to four days. Fall break sets everyone back because they have gotten into the groove of classes, and it in a way throws off their consistency. However, it still is a period of time dedicated to focus on yourself, so having the break is worth it.”

It’s nice that fall break is given to students at Monmouth because they work hard in a consistent manner and immerse themselves in their schoolwork. Some schools aren’t given a fall break, so many students that attend this University are grateful that they are given time to enjoy their lives outside of college, even if it is only for small amount of time.