The Signs as Songs from “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”

In honor of Taylor Swift’s re-release of “1989” this past Friday, it’s time to answer the question I’m sure you’ve all been wondering the past few days: which song are you from the album based on your star sign?

Aries: “Blank Space”
Aries, you are best known for your confidence and determination. You are very competitive and love to be the best. You’re bold, so you’re sure to leave people breathless and show them incredible things. However, you can also be a nightmare dressed as a daydream. You can be impulsive, impatient, and possessive at times. If you’re double-crossed, someone’s going down in flames.

Taurus: “Bad Blood”
Taurus, you are loyal almost to a fault. You’ll stick by anybody through thick and thin. You are someone people can rely on to show them mad love. However, you are also extremely stubborn and hold a grudge like no other. If there’s bad blood between you and another, they better not come your way.

Gemini: “New Romantics”
Gemini, you are extremely curious and adaptable to your surroundings, treating life like a classroom. You’re super outgoing, spontaneous, and, though you may play dumb, you know exactly what you’re doing. However, you can also be restless and indecisive, switching sides like a record changer and being prone to boredom.

Cancer: “I Wish You Would”
Cancer, you are a sensitive and passionate individual. You often think about the people you love and are very forgiving despite your emotional nature. However, you are also a terrible communicator and can be insecure. They will never know what you never said. Though people may push your buttons, you probably miss them too much to be mad anymore.

Leo: “Is It Over Now?”
Leo, you are charismatic and confident. You love being in the spotlight and making others come running. However, you can also be highly dramatic and self-assured to a fault. You think you’re always in the right, and if anybody disagrees, they’re a lying traitor.

Virgo: “Clean”
Virgo, you are a perfectionist, meaning you’re organized and practical. However, this mindset can also lead you to being overly self-critical and creating a perfect storm of self-doubt. It can make you feel like you’re losing the war, but you don’t give in.

Libra: “Say Don’t Go”
Libra, you are charming and empathetic by nature. You would stay forever to lend someone a shoulder to cry on. If someone says, “Don’t go,” you won’t leave their side. However, you can also be people-pleasing and indecisive, leaving you pacing on shaky ground. It makes you prone to staying with people who give you nothing back, making you feel like you’re standing on a tightrope alone.

Scorpio: “I Know Places”
Scorpio, you are intuitive and mysterious. You go with your gut and leave others chasing your tail trying to keep up with you. This can, however, make you secretive and controlling. You know places you won’t be found and won’t let loose lips sink ships if you can help it.

Sagittarius: “Suburban Legends”
Sagittarius, you are a national treasure, best known for your adventurous spirit and spontaneity. You’re constantly dashing to the door on a new adventure and are flushed with the currency of cool, but you can also be reckless. You’ll break your own heart and turn out your empty pockets for your next pursuit.

Capricorn: “All You Had to Do Was Stay”
Capricorn, you are practical and ambitious. You want to believe people when they say they’ve changed, but you know better. You pick up the pieces of the mess others make and persevere, but you can be cold and won’t offer second chances. You’re gone forever when they say goodbye.

Aquarius: “Now That We Don’t Talk”
Aquarius, you are very independent and creative, making you a shrouded mystery. You won’t pretend to like things just to impress people. However, Aquarius, you can also be detached and unpredictable. You pay the price of what you lost because of your solitary nature and can be stuck from the outside looking in.

Pisces: “Wonderland”
Pisces are empathetic and whimsical. Your imaginative nature can make you believe you’ve found Wonderland. Your curious mind and kindness will have people feeling never better when they’re with you. However, you can also be distracted and naïve, resulting in you falling down rabbit holes and spinning out of control.